Echo is an army leader who currently leads the Templars army. He is currently a Judge for the news site CPAHQ (December 26th, 2021). Echo has been active in the CPA community since 2015 and is most known for leading Templars. He first enlisted in Templars in 2019 and later reenlisted in July 2020.


Early career (2015 - 2017)

Echo began playing the original Club Penguin in 2008. He got involved in CPA in 2015 when a friend he met on Club Penguin invited him to Blue Miners Army and he learned the basics of CPA. He left BMA in 2016 due to some minor drama and army hopped until 2017 when he joined Ice Warriors but quickly got bored of armies and retired after two years of playing Club Penguin.

Templars & CPA (2019 - Present)

In 2019, Echo got involved in Club Penguin after the original CPA closed down. He was later recruited into Templars by Xing on August 9th, 2019. He served in the Templars for five more months and then got named Grand Prior in December. It did not last long and one month later, in January 2020, he was demoted and banned from the Templars due to disrespect. He joined many armies afterwards, most notably Night Rebels, Mayhem, Team Yellow Army, Doritos of Club Penguin, and Ice Warriors. He achieved 3rd-in-command in DCP and 3rd-in-command in IW. He army hopped a total of eight armies in the span of four months. Soon after, he got tired of hopping and retired. This retirement lasted only two months because in July 2020, Xing re-invited Echo into the Templars again. After months of working in TCP again, Echo was once again named Grand Prior of Templars. Echo worked towards achieving his goals of becoming a TCP Legend and CPA Legend. He achieved the TCP Legend status but turned it down because he did not feel like he deserved it yet. Echo has lead the army alongside Xing and others from sizes of 15-20 in late 2020 and early 2021 to sizes of 50+ towards the end of 2021. Although he had the help of a lot of leaders, he admires Racecar 4 and pushes himself to ensure that both Race and Xing are satisfied with him being on the Leadership team.


  • Templar Leader
  • Lead Templars to Max 100+
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