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32op was recruited into Club Penguin Armies in 2012 by CPA Legend and Doritos Creator, Wwebestfan. He has been loyal to them ever since and was a main factor in leading the Doritos when they came on to Club Penguin Private Servers. He also served as a Club Penguin Online Army League Board of Director, Club Penguin Army League Chief Executive Officer and Head of Board member, Club Penguin Army Media Executive Producer and Club Penguin Army Hub Chief Executive Officer. He is known as the bridge that connected the two split communities of CPAM and CPAL and successfully united them into the CPAH organization.

Army Career

Army Career 2012-2015

32op's career began with the Doritos during March 2012 after he was recruited through Wwebestfan on a mascot tracker xat chat. His allegiance, loyalty and activeness as a moderator for the Doritos came to notice from leaders and legends. He was quickly awarded and named Troop of the Month for April 2012 and thus began his long career. He would be active for much of 2012 meeting various new people in the community. As he was climbings the rankings in the Doritos, he was approached by Sapper, Chaos creator. 32op began to help Sapper create Chaos, he was their first troop and new leader. 32op, using his high rank in the Doritos, recruited many Chaos legends who would make Chaos what it is today. After a month in Chaos, he went and joined other small-medium armies such as United Countries of Club Penguin (UCCP), Night Shadows, Dragon Warriors, iPhone Warriors and many more. Many of them just consisting 32op and his friends. After 32op got over his small-medium army phase, he started to focus on his home army, the Doritos. He ranked up to Leader in Training multiple times in 2012-2015 but was never given the opportunity for leader and was still an unknown face in the community.

Army Career 2016

2016 is where 32op's career started to take off. After a period of inactiveness, he returned to the Doritos army in December 2016. This happened to be the time where the Doritos couped Mustapha10 for multilogging and were witnessing a huge change in leadership. This new leadership gave 32op the opportunity to finally be leader and they were met with nothing but success. 32op went on to lead the Doritos as the top army all throughout December and even won the Doritos their first ever tournament win. The Doritos defeated the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Christmas Chaos 2016 finals. Shortly after, 32op decided to retire again after one month of domination.

Army Career 2019-2020

During November 2019, 32op was visiting the Doritos Hangout chat which was formed after the shutdown of Club Penguin. However, during this visit, 32op was approached by Mustapha10. Mustapha was reviving DCP on Club Penguin Online and wanted 32op to be apart of it has a High-Command member. 32op refused this offer but was willing to help the Doritos get started as an advisor. A few days later when the Doritos started to recruit on CPO, 32op and Mustapha10 coincidentally were recruiting on the same server. Mustapha10, seeing 32op recruit new troops with ease decided to higher his offer and offered him the position of leader. This time 32op was convinced by Mustapha10 to join his home army.

The Doritos had their revival event on November 30th, 2019 with the leaders being Mustapha10, 32op and Freezie66. Quickly being popular among the CPO Army community, the Doritos declared war on the Redemption Force. The Doritos would easily win the war due to the Redemption Force facing internal conflict with Reacon, RF leader, who was exposed for taking advantage of female troops in the army. 32op would successfully convince many of Redemption Force's troops to join the new and upcoming army.

With the Doritos becoming the biggest army in only a week, Freezie66 departed from the Doritos and rebooted the Dark Warriors. Freezie would become 32op's first ever rival. The Doritos would easily go to the Christmas Chaos 2019 finals under 32op's leadership, who was the most active leader at the time. He would lead the Doritos in the finals against Freezie's Dark Warriors ultimately resulting in a tie. 32 would continue to lead the Doritos after this, placing first on Club Penguin Online Army League's top ten 16 consecutive weeks (4 Months).

During January 1st, 2020 CPA Veterans, Andrew24 and Freezie66 would declare war with IW and DW against 32's Doritos who were unmatchable at the time. The Ice and Dark Warriors otherwise known as TWA would continuously attempt to invade the Doritos Empire and were eventually successful in capturing Summit, Doritos Capital, after numerous tries. The Doritos would end up reinvading the capital successfully the next day and would capture Frosty, DW capital. After 2 weeks, the Doritos leadership and TWA would agree on a ceasefire.

On February 1st, 2020 the Doritos would achieve their highest max to that date on their 10 year anniversary. 120 soldiers were in attendance that day. During this time, Wwebestfan, Doritos creator would come back. Surprisingly, even with Mustapha10 and Wwebestfan at the helm 32op would still be the Main Leader of the Doritos Empire. On February 9th, the Doritos would declare war on the Pirates led by Andrew24 and Agent 11. 32op would successfully lead the Doritos to winning this war with the score being 4-2-1.

During March, 32op would lead the Doritos to another war with the Redemption Force who were back onto CPO. The Doritos would dominate them and go onto compete in the March Madness tournament. At this time, the world was shutting down as Covid-19 emerged resulting in Club Penguin Online's playerbase to quadruple and leading to many veterans to coming back. 32op and the Doritos would take advantage of this during the March Madness Semi-Finals against the Ice Warriors. This would go down in history as the biggest CPA battle ever with both armies maxing well over 150 soldiers. The Doritos, led by 32op throughout the entire battle, would win in overtime and successfully advance to the finals against the Dark Warriors.

The March Madness loss would upset the TWA and would eventually lead to 4 armies declaring war on the Doritos. The Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, SWAT and Golds would all come after the Doritos army. The Doritos would be left at a severe disadvantage as they couldn't defend all their territory. However, just before the Doritos were going to lose their capital, 32op partnered up with Epic's Light Troops and Pirates to counter this alliance. 32op was able to crack Andrew24's master plan to invade Summit but failed after the Doritos countered with 32op's counterplan. This led to the Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, SWAT and Golds to surrender all their territory as the Doritos, Light Troops and Pirates were able to counter everything.

Coup of Mustapha10

On the night of April 16, 2020 32op, Meerkat, Zire, Rahaima, Sprite and many others would make a groupchat discussing the actions of Mustapha10 who started to become active in the army after the pandemic started. Being upset with Musta making irrational decisions, scaring staff away, dictating the leaders and taking credit of their work the Doritos Leaders, Legends & Veterans would create a coup document. The morning of April 17, Wwebestfan would review this document and would follow through with the coup of Mustapha10.

A hand full of troops from the Doritos wouldn't take this coup well and wanted Mustapha10 to assume his position again, however, the majority were behind the coup. Musta did not take this well and would create posts describing his side of the story. 2 days after his coup, the Doritos leaders would constantly be Ddosed making it almost impossible to lead the Doritos. Eventually Musta would leak a private groupchat of Doritos Leaders including 32op being racist and involving themselves in doxxing. This would not only impact 32op's position as a Board of Director in CPOAL but would impact him in the future in other organizations as well. However, 32 faced a bigger problem at the time as Riley, CPO Owner, was notified by Mustapha10 that his dox was posted in the groupchat. Riley ordered all Doritos leaders to be banned and that Mustapha10 was given the discord back as well as CPO staff.

Gingersnap, being notified by this, would inform all the Doritos leaders that they were going to lose the discord once Epic101 came online. Quickly realizing that Mustapha10 would have full control of DCP once this occurred, the Doritos leaders purged the Doritos of CPO discord which had 7500 users at the time. That morning, Epic would give himself control of DCP as a leader with Mustapha10 advising him.

Post-CPO Coup

After 32op, Wwebestfan & other DCP Leaders were banned from CPO and the Doritos of CPO, Meer would attempt to start the Doritos on CPR. However, the leaders still upset after losing months of work, they did not help with the switch to CPR. Eventually, Epic, Mustapha10 and 32op would come onto good terms and give 32op back leader.

With rumors continuing to spread about Riley, 32op and the other leaders would successfully perform a discord switch in order to have full control of DCP.

The Doritos continued to operate as normal with Mustapha10 having no involvement in the Doritos. They would continue to be a huge army despite what had occurred with the discord being defaced. 32op would lead with Rahaima, Vivala and Zire during this period and would even hit sizes high as 115. Around this time, Badboy would take control of SWAT, the Elites would rise and a new alliance would be formed with the Doritos and the Royals. This alliance declared war on the TWA alliance which would last a day as CPO came to an end. On the last day of CPO, TWA would defend all their servers successfully except the one that the Doritos were invading. The Doritos were able to successfully invade the Pirates who were led by CPO admins, soon after, CPO shut down.

CPATG & Legends Cup

After Club Penguin Online shutdown, 32op would lead the Doritos to a CPPS called CPATG. The Doritos would continue invading the Pirates and Ice Warriors.

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