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Aaronstone42 is a current army leader of the Water Vikings and holds the legendary status within Doritos of Club Penguin, Underground Mafias Army, Pretzels, and hall of fame within Blue Miners Army and the Water Vikings.


Introduction to Armies

Aaronstone42 was recruited into armies off of xat, where he stumbled upon the Ice Warriors in late 2009. He was able to rise through the ranks until eventually obtaining the position of Warrant Officer. One fateful day, Aaronstone42 was being harassed by Ice Warriors members and went to Wwebestfan. Wwebestfan told him to leave the Ice Warriors in favor of joining the Doritos of Club Penguin.

Doritos Career

Upon joining the Doritos, Aaronstone42 was able to attend tons of events for his new army. He steadily rose through the ranks until being promoted to Second-In-Command. Aaronstone42 was eventually promoted to leader in 2010 due to the absence of Doritos leader Brandon for a total of two days before being demoted back to the position of Second-In-Command.