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Aaronstone42 is a current army leader and legend of the Water Vikings and also holds the legendary status within Doritos of Club Penguin, Underground Mafias Army, Pretzels, and hall of fame within Blue Miners Army and the Water Vikings.


Original CP Era

Introduction to Armies

Aaronstone42 was recruited into armies off of xat, where he stumbled upon the Ice Warriors in late 2009. He was able to rise through the ranks until eventually obtaining the position of Warrant Officer. One fateful day, Aaronstone42 was being harassed by Ice Warriors members and went to Wwebestfan. Wwebestfan told him to leave the Ice Warriors in favor of joining the Doritos of Club Penguin.

Doritos Career

Upon joining the Doritos, Aaronstone42 was able to attend tons of events for his new army. He steadily rose through the ranks until being promoted to Second In Command. Aaronstone42 was eventually promoted to leader in 2010 due to the absence of Doritos leader Brandon for a total of two days before being demoted back to the position of Second-In-Command.

Aaron continued his loyalty to the Doritos throughout 2011 and 2012 and at the very end of 2012 he was inducted as leader again. However, his reign was not successful, the Doritos died and Aaron had to close the army. Because of that, Aaron was banned from DCP by Mustapha10 and Wwebestfan.

Underground Mafias Army Career

He then moved on to the Underground Mafias Army, joining as Second In Command under Coolster114 and Benjarkin's leadership. There he got to meet many people, most notably Wgfv, who became his mentor, Eyes521, and Derek. He participated in a coup against Coolster and Benjarkin, alongside Coff Paco and Sarge. The coup ultimately worked but afterward, the leaders were a failure. Eyes521 eventually returned to UMA and placed Aaron in charge of the army. Aaron then took the UMA from the dead to the SMAC Top Ten, and finally back onto CP Army Central's Top Ten achieving 9th place. He led there for a total of 5 months, UMA was unusually stable during that period, paving the way for Wgfvs Red Summer of 2013.

Water Vikings Career

After being couped from UMA, like previous leaders, Aaron joined the Water Vikings for Third In Command. There with his hard work he eventually obtained leader, and led during the Water Vikings one of the most celebrated generations, the Blue Summer of 2013. Aaronstone, alongside Bepboy9, Dashing Snow, and Kingfunks4 brought the WV to high rankings in CPACs Top Ten. After his time in WV came to an end, Aaron was awarded his first Hall of Fame title in an army, Water Vikings Legend. That title would eventually be stripped of him and downgraded to Greatest Leader when Water Vikings redid their Hall of Fame in 2015.

Career in S/M armies and retirement

Aaron mostly did S/M Army during 2014, leading a few small armies, most notably the Air Force, where he met Totidile/Revan and Buddy. After doing the S/M scene for about a year, Aaron retired until in the early summer of 2015. Then, he came out of retirement to lead Pretzels with Braveboy. At first, things were not going too well and Aaron suggested adding more leaders to the army. Therefore, he promoted Starz34 to leader and dragged Buddy by the ear from Water Vikings to Pretzels. This kicked off the Pretzels' Golden Generation, where Pretzels hit major sizes of 50+ and achieved 4th on CPAC's Top Ten. Aaron received his third Hall of Fame title here, Pretzels Legend, and went down as one of the greatest leaders the Pretzels ever had. Some internal issues between the Leaders caused Aaron to retire from Pretzels and join the Blue Miners Army to lead alongside DrMatt, Konrad, and Aquabluejet, continuing his illustrious Summer/Fall of 2015. BMA hit sizes of 50+ and hit 5th on CPAC's Top Ten. After this, Aaron retired and left armies in the early spring of 2016.


Reintroduction to armies, UM and DCP

Aaron returned to armies in November of 2020 after discovering that the Water Vikings were still alive. Surprised to see a post from Buddy, and wanting to tease him about the Montreal Canadiens, Aaron created a discord account and came onto the discord looking for him, only to find a thriving CPA Community. Lacking a working computer by the time he rejoined he could do nothing but watch.

He reconnected with his old friend from DCP, Bam117, and learned that UMA was about to return. So he thought he would lend a hand to some of the newer generation of UMA taking on the advisor role. There he advised Dinorewrited, Zamb, and SavageCobra until UMA's shutdown in December of 2020. Then, alongside Dino and Lydia, he helped creating the Underground Mafias Gaming Community, taking on the role of Premier. After some time in 2021, the Doritos reopened their CP Division, and he joined as an advisor. During that time, the Doritos got declared war by the Army of Club Penguin, and were defeated, which led to another shutdown after their participation in CPAHQ's Project Conquest.

Return to Water Vikings

Aaron continued on with UM after this until he was invited to a server by Potassium to help planning the Water Vikings revival after being in a shut down state for almost a month. Originally he was only going to join for Second in Command and be there for only a month. However, Aaron volunteered himself for the leadership position after others could not assume the role. Aaron brought in Revan as leader, since he was only being offered Second In Command, at the time. Together, alongside Fedd76, and IW Legend Shinde, the Water Vikings consistently held 6th place on CPAHQ/CPANs Top Ten achieving sizes of 25. In August rising conflict with the Templars, resulted in a war, with Revan being on leave for the entirety of the war and Shinde busy with work, Aaron took a max of 20 WV and defeated the Templars in the Golden Seas War II. After this war Shinde retired and Fedd took a back seat, which led to Revan and Aaron promoting Mistymoonlake to leader again.

The three together continued the consistency that they had throughout the generation. They entered CPAHQ's Champions Cup tournament and went undefeated all the way to the finals, where they defeated the Templars once again, resulting in Water Vikings winning their first ever major tournament. After this tournament they immediately declared war on the Help Force to help their brother allies, Silver Empire defend against a much larger armies oppression. In response to this the Help Force formed the Vengeance Alliance, with the Army of Club Penguin (once allies of the Silver Empire and the Water Vikings), the People's Imperial Confederation and the Red Ravagers. Together the Water Vikings, Silver Empire, and SWAT formed the Western Bloc, leading to the biggest army conflict of 2021.

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