The Ace of Spades army was an army that wasn’t very consistent throughout generations, the generation before April 21st, 2013 is unknown due to a site deface caused by Samsung, a high rank personnel. The army; however, pulled through the deface and went for a second chance, but troop activity had fallen exponentially, and eventually closed their doors on April 27th, 2013.

The Ace of Spades originally aimed to return around June 1st, 2013; however, they came back much later on August 26 of the same year after being recreated by Blackx1 alongside Zyxwv124. This generation of the Ace of Spades seemed to be more successful than the previous one, gaining excellent sizes at their events.

This generation fell into inactivity and silence until it was reopened by Blackx1 around June 7th, 2014, almost a year after the death of their previous generation and they continued with good events, and during this generation, they did their best to stay alive even longer than the last two generations. On July 16, 2014, the Ace of Spades fell silent to this day.

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