The Air Force was created in 2007 by Db Penguin. The Air Force was, although smaller, one of the most pivotal armies in the history of warfare. Although there is an obvious lack of pictures of the 2007 Air Force, the history still lives on. Created in February 2007 by Army Legend Db Penguin, the Air Force began their journey as a smaller army. They grew at a consistent pace, slowly gaining themselves more recognition in the army community until, in May of that year, they were regarded by Oagalthorp as “the third largest army in warfare” and “nearly the size of ACP”.

That same Oagalthorp then sent the Air Force a request for them to ally with the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation against the Underground Mafias Army in WWIII, a war that had been dragging on for months. The Air Force then accepted, and they became the army that finally tipped the scales in ACP’s favor, effectively ending the war at the end of May 2007. Alongside the ACP and RPF, the Air Force delivered the Underground Mafias Army one final blow at the Battle of Breeze, a blow so devastating that it forced Pink Mafias into retirement and plunged UMA into chaos. Shortly after, they ceded victory to the ACP, RPF, and the Air Force.

After their monumental victory in WWIII, Db Penguin retired from the army for a few months due to her having to go to summer camp. Upon her return, she found the Air Force in shambles. She was left with no choice but to shut them down. Two revivals were attempted in 2008 and 2009, but neither were met with much success. In the present age of warfare, however, Seer brought back the Air Force, but in red as compared to blue and orange. They’ve achieved some success, reaching as high as 6th on CPA Central on several occasions, but they’ve yet to make even close to the historical imprint that Db Penguin’s Air Force of 2007 made, an imprint that likely will seldom ever be matched.

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