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Aisha (formerly known as AishaJabz) is a former Army Leader and dedicated member of the high command in the Doritos of CP. Starting her army career in August of 2017, Aisha has seen her fair share of armies and has since then become an experienced moderator. Joining the RPF on August 13th, 2017, Aisha would eventually rise to become a moderator due to her hard work activeness in chat. Aisha also briefly held a high command position in the Dark Bandits. In June of 2020, Aisha would join the Doritos of Club Penguin at the rank of moderator where she would eventually become a member of their high command team. Aisha has also been an army leader and has led armies such as the Animal Kingdom and the legendary Romans of CP.

Involvement in the Rebel Penguin Federation

Beginnings in RPF (August 2017)

On August 13th, 2017, Aisha (known as AishaJabz at the time) had joined the Rebel Penguin Federation after being recruited while playing on Club Penguin Rewritten. Constant activity in chat would see AishaJabz rise through the member ranks very quickly. She would eventually be promoted and hold the highest member rank (Colonel at the time) by the end of 2017 and into 2018.

Dox and retirement in March 2018

On March 11th, 2018, AishaJabz was attacked and doxxed. This caused Aisha to take a temporary leave from armies and retire. On top of the dox attacks, Aisha also had to fulfill real life responsibilities and took a leave from Discord.

Return to the RPF

November of 2018 would see Aisha's return to the Rebel Penguin Federation. There she would once again be active in chat and work hard. Her dedication to the RPF eventually earned her a promotion to the first moderator rank in 2019.

Promotion to RPF Moderator (2019)

Aisha's return in late 2018 saw her activity sky rocket and she was subsequently awarded for her dedication. The following year on April 16th, 2019, Aisha was officially promoted to Brigadier General (the first moderator rank in the RPF at the time). Her continued loyalty and dedication earned her an extremely swift promotion to the next moderation rank (Major General at the time) within 2-3 weeks of her promotion to Brigadier General on April 29th, 2019.

Eventually in mid June of 2019, Aisha was once again promoted. She now served as 5ic (Lieutenant General at the time) where she would continue to show the same loyalty and outstanding work ethic she demonstrated in her previous year in the army. Aisha became an exemplary mod and helped the RPF grow and become a more welcoming place. WIP

Dark Bandits (May 2020)

Aisha joined the Dark Bandits of CP sometime in May of 2020 as 2ic. No longer enjoying the Rebel Penguin Federation and stuck at a low moderator rank, Aisha left to become high command in the Dark Bandits for a new opportunity. The Dark Bandits was led by a friend of Aisha's named Carlos at the time. Aisha's time in the Dark Bandits (DB) would be short lived due to internal conflicts within the army. Poor management and lazy staff and hcom members would eventually lead to the Dark Bandit's downfall. Aisha and other members of DB hcom had also had several disagreements with leader Carlos. Eventually, much of the DB high command would plot to create a new army behind Carlos' back. The army that former DB high command unhappy with Carlos' leadership would go on to become the Red Ravagers. Aisha ended up deciding not to join the Red Ravagers and instead found a new chance in the Doritos of CP the next month.

This is also the time period where "AishaJabz" began going by simply the name "Aisha." After two years of going by "AishaJabz," she would essentially rename into a shortened version.

Involvement in the Doritos of CP

On June 7th, 2020, Aisha officially left the Dark Bandits to join the Doritos of CP staff team for the position of 4ic. Feeling unsatisfied with her previous conditions in the RPF and current conditions in DB, Aisha left for the DCP to find a place that would reward her efforts. Aisha had felt stuck at Dark Bandits under Carlos' leadership and left to find a new army's staff team. As Doritos 4ic, Aisha worked hard becoming one of the DCP's most active staff members and top dm recruiters. Aisha's constant activity in the DCP chat and engagement with new DCP troops earned her a great reputation in the Doritos. Aisha became extremely well-known and rose to new heights previously not attainable in the RPF.

Aisha's enthusiasm and hard work eventually earned her a promotion to Doritos hcom. Due to her above average recruiting efforts and constant activity in the chat, Aisha was given 3ic. Aisha continues to be a well-known and well-liked figure in the Doritos of CP today and has made a lasting mark on the army.

Aisha would leave the DCP for a short time in September of 2020 due to getting the opportunity to join the new leadership team of the recently revived Romans of CP. Originally hesitant to leave the Doritos (where she was now 3ic at the time), fellow future Romans leader 54x was able to convince her to lead with him and in September of 2020, Aisha would leave the DCP to lead the Romans of CP.

After the Romans would eventually fall and shut down in mid-October of 2020, Aisha would return to the DCP after a brief period of retirement. When the DCP was revived in November of 2020, Aisha would rejoin as 3ic and eventually be promoted to 2ic.

Leader of Animal Kingdom


Leader of Romans of CP (Sept-Oct 2020)

In the months leading to September of 2020, the Romans of CP had seen a massive decrease and size and were in danger of failing completely. It was decided between Romans owners that the army would need a new team to lead to replace the old one. Many of the leaders and former leaders could no longer devote their time to leading the Romans so in September of 2020, secret preparations to re-construct the Romans with 3 new bloods as the leadership went underway. Aisha was among the three original new leaders that were chosen to lead the new generation of Romans. The other two were 54x, and Gilgamesh.

On September 18th, 2020, the official announcement of the Romans' revival and re-construction was made public. To boost the Romans' membership counts and rise the army to its former glory, Romans owners/Senators named three novice leaders to take the Romans into a new generation. Aisha was one of three Romans high command picked to lead the army. Aisha was a 3ic in Romans before taking her leadership position. On the 18th of September, Aisha (former Romans 3ic), 54x (former Romans 2ic), and Gilgamesh (former Romans 3ic) were appointed as legates (leaders/1ic) and officially took the reigns of the Romans of CP.


Departure from DCP to UMA

In mid November, the Underground Mafias Army was officially revived and Red Winter (commissioned by EHUMA) was underway. At this point, Aisha had returned to the Doritos of CP after their revival in November of 2020. Aisha was eventually promoted to 2ic due to her hard work and activity in the DCP. After much convincing from close friend 54x and UMA leader Zamb (or Zambi), Aisha was shown the toxicity and corruptness of the DCP and officially made the move to the UMA. There, she would assume the role of 4ic. She would serve there and bring the same energy she did while in the DCP, and was eventually promoted to General (3ic).