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Among Us Army ZOOM ZOOM KACHOW! (AUAZZK) was a New Generation Army founded by LEGOMAN in mid-September of 2020. It was led by such notable figures as LEGOMAN himself, Graceee and RachGT. This army would go on to max peaks of 10 troops on one occasion, and beat the likes of LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH!



Among Us Army ZOOM ZOOM KACHOW! was created on September 15, 2020 by LEGOMAN. Its sole purpose was for LEGOMAN to obtain the Army Representative role within the Club Penguin Army Hub's discord server. This purpose was never fulfilled. However, the army did manage to max 10 once and become approved within the Club Penguin Army Hub (CPAH) discord server.

Invasion of Ice Palace

AUAZZK Maxing 10 on their opening event

LEGOMAN's brilliant plan for creating this army involved a ploy to get the Army Representative role within the CPAH server, which would give him access to a locked channel, which he believed to be a "cool kids club" of sorts. This plan involved the transfer of Ice Palace from the Golden Troops to LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! and then invade with AUAZZK. Invading would in theory give LEGOMAN access to the Army Representative role, that is only obtained through the invading of land within the CPAH Map. This plan anticipated LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! to completely neglect the invasion, however a few rogue minifigures attempted to halt AUAZZK from obtaining Ice Palace. Their defense was futile after they decided to all don the Nacho Army's Uniform and sit on the sidelines as they watched their capital be taken by AUAZZK. However, this "ingenious plot" was ultimately a failure, as LEGOMAN was unable to obtain the coveted role.

Removal From CPAH

Among As Army ZOOM ZOOM KACHOW! was eventually removed from the CPAH Small Medium army listings due to the fact that the AUAZZK's server was renamed to "Meerrkat send me an S you Snake of CP" due to controversies involving doxxing running rampant throughout the CPAH server. The many committed troops of this army were obviously crushed at the removal, but were delighted when AUAZZK Godfather LEGOMAN announced it was rebranding to the BEACHTROOPERS OF CLUB PENGUIN AWWWW YEAH!