The Anarchists were created by Anarchist4life, a mysterious figure in the army community, around October 16th, 2014. Later it was discovered ‘Anarchist4Life’ was Riotors in disguise. The army has been known for going to war and have had amazing sizes at almost all of their events. The Anarchists were known for being a very powerful army, and their first generation was the best they ever had achieving consistent sizes of 15+.

Their first generation was halted in its tracks on December 7th 2014 due to allegations of botting. A second generation was created by Carson on June 10th, 2015, and for weeks they spent time reorganizing and recruiting, in turn they got excellent sizes in events and their second-generation lasted a good while until they announced lockdown around June 27th, 2015.

After suffering a deface which lost a lot of history, the army decided to enter permanent lockdown, never to be reopened under any circumstance.

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