AndrewPlayz64 is a moderator for the offical Tuba Army. He is also affiliated with several armies such as the Romans and URP. His CPR name is "Pengzilla87".

Early Army Life:

In October of 2017 when in the pet shop seeing a tuba recruitment, he decided to check out their website and join the army. During November of 2017, Andrew had lost acess to his old Discord account, AndrewPlayz87 making the new account under the name of AndrewPlayz64. Andrew still uses his old name by nicknaming himself in servers after his old name. Ever since then Andrew has been incredibily active in the tuba army as well as the discord chats of the Romans,URP & Army Summit

Modern Army Life

In January of 2018 when the tubas were dying Andrew formed the Elite Federation of Penguins. Now commonly known by its new name Federal Penguin Elites. Andrew has achieved Co-Leader in the tubas when Mr Prussian retired. Andrew mainly focuses on his army, the FPE.


Andrew is now the founder and owner of the CPPS Club Penguin Premium. He is also a freedom fighter for the new era Purple Republic owned by Penguintimm.

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