Anti-RPF is the belief that the Rebel Penguin Federation is a bad and unethical army. Many anti-RPF beliefs stem across the claimed ego, sarcasm, and child friendliness of the army. Other beliefs also have hatred for numerous leaders and figures attitude, most notably Elmikey in the CPA era, and Left in the CPPS era. Many armies throughout history developed anti-RPF beliefs, more radical than others. anti-RPF continues to live on as a belief that most in the community share, as it has been for many years.

Radical anti-RPF theories/beliefs

Numerous glorified radical anti-RPF theories were developed over time by numerous controversial figures. Here is a short list.

Rebel Penguin Illuminati

Main Article: Rebel Penguin Illuminati

The Rebel Penguin Illuminati was a now-debunked radical anti-RPF theory revolving around a RPF order that controls most armies and influences of most armies. However, this was quick to debunk and was usually ignored and created into a meme. While the RPI theory is incorrect, there has been many instances of RPF spying on other armies, sometimes called the "RPF CIA". Spying operations continue to date. This theory was made notable by Sidika Ghazi.

Neocoetism/Rebel Penguin Decentralization Theory

Neocoetism, is the radical anti-RPF philosophy that the RPF should be abolished and break into several different groups. They believe due to the RPF's size, once abolished several groups will be formed by the left over troops and army leaders. They believed will be formed into some armies and given a group. The Neocoestists theorized this theory should happen after a coup of Chip or Popsiclebeak. The Neocoestists aimed to make that happen within the 2018-2020 period along with the Rebel Penguin Marines, however it never came to light. Most notable Neocoestists were the United Republic of Penguins. The belief has now since died down and no followers of it continue to exist within the community. The theory was created and made notable by Sidika Ghazi.

Notable anti-RPF groups

A list of anti-RPF driven groups. Radical and normal.

Active groups

There is no active anti-RPF armies.

Dissolved groups

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