Anti-RPF, is the belief that the Rebel Penguin Federation is a bad and unethical army. They claim that the RPF high command, Chip, is mean to other army leaders and oblivious to the attitude of RPF. They have called RPF bullies, and claim several times RPF has bullied/made fun of people. This idea of Anti-RPF has spread across multiple CPPS's, believed by troops and civilians alike. The idea can center across many armies. RPM is one of the many armies with the belief of anti-RPF. Some of the top believers of anti-RPF are Clemont4 and Elmikey. This theory is neutral towards the Rebel Penguin Illuminati theory.

Neocoetism/Rebel Penguin Decentralization Theory

Neocoetism, is the philosophy that the RPF should be abolished and break into several different groups. Due to the RPF's size and the actions of them, once abolished several groups will be formed by the left over troops and army leaders. They will be formed into some armies and given a group. Preferably this action/belief should happen after a coup of Chip or Popsiclebeak. They anti-RPF aim to make this happen within the 2018-2020 period along with the Rebel Penguin Marines. Supporters of this philosophy are called Neocoetists. This theory was created by SavageCobra.

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