Anti-UMA, or Anti-Underground Mafias Army is the belief against the UMA Culture. This belief was present throughout many years by the actions of the Underground Mafias Army. This belief also resulted with the Coup of Ehroyals. Examples of being anti-UMA is the people with the belief of Pink Mafias doing wrong with hacking. Hacking is very popular within the UMA and still has hacks done today. Also the themes, such as Nazis, Soviets, etc. were all sources of anti-UMA. Also the treating of the lower ranks and laziness is apart of anti-UMA. The current hacker of UMA is: SavageCobra. Many armies with the belief of anti-UMA are: United Republic of Penguins, Club Penguin Crew, Elite Guardians of Club Penguin, Romans, and the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Civil War and Coup

On January 7th there was a coup of the leader of UMA, Ehroyals. He was couped and many soldiers went to the new faction: New Underground Mafias Army and some stayed with the Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias Army, soldiers like SavageCobra, a previous UMA captain was re-hired as a Colonel then 3rd in Command. Soldiers like Stubborn and Games also remained loyal. This all started the UMA Civil War of 2018.

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