What is Anti RAC

The Anti RAC was a CPR Army that was Created by Firedragon1112 to destroy the RAC and to win the war.

Brownpen4 and Matthew were their main enemy.

The Anti RAC failed and was ended on Januaray 20, 2018. It lasted 6 days and had 16 total members.

The RAC won the War.

1/64 Scale Diecast RangeModel 

Original Release Year 

Portrait number

Shining Time number 

Cartoon number

[Collapse] NotesThomas1984111Thomas was updated in 1985.Henry1984333Henry was updated in 1985James1984555James was updated in 1985Toby19857719Percy19856621Two early variations existBertie1985181322Annie and Clarabel (with Thomas)1985131120Initially only in a three pack with either Thomas or Percy until 1990.Edward1988222Gordon198844 ?Duck1990888Diesel1990141633Troublesome Trucks1990122226Brown coloured in 1990, replaced with grey from 1991. Avalible in a three pack with James.Fat Controllerand Porter1990222038The Fat Controller is listed as Sir Topham Hatt and the porter is listed as The Engineer on the Shining Time packaging.Bill19911515 ?Also in a Shining Time twin packBen1991161424Also in a Shining Time twin packHarold1991191727Trevor19912021 ?Donald19929934Also in a Shining Time twin packDouglas1992101035Also in a Shining Time twin packTerence19922119 ?Henrietta1992171818Originally avalible in a twin pack with TobyDaisy19922428 ?BoCo1992232641Mavis1992262930Tar and Milk Wagons1992252729Old Coaches19923037 ?Only available with Edward, or James as a limited edition, in a three pack until 1994Oliver19931132 ?City of Truro1993293415Marked as a Shining Time Special Edition EngineFuel Tankers19933135 ?Bulgy19932733 ?The Breakdown Train1994283642Gold Anniversary Thomas19951--199 Diesel19953838 ?Toad1995324249Scrap Trevor(on flatbed)199533-50The Sodor Mail Coaches1995344393Godred19953739 ?Marked as a Shining Time Special Edition EngineCuldee19953640 ?Marked as a Shining Time Special Edition EngineGeorge1995354144There are 3 different portrait packaging variationsRheneas19964048 ?Sir Handel1996354746Peter Sam19963545 ?Rusty19963944 ?Duncan19964146 ?Express Coaches1996445052Sir Topham Hatt's Car1996454951Stepney199749- ?Skarloey199748- ?Duke199747-16Lord Harry199746-91Class 40199750- ?Caroline199751-94Wilbert199855- ?Sixteen199856- ?Bulstrode199853- ?The Chinese Dragon199854- ?S.C. Ruffey199852- ?Paired with a troublesome truck for a limited timeHenry's Log Car199857- ?Bluebell199963- ?BilingualD. Fusit Gunpowder Wagons199959-37Canal Boat199958- ?Soft-side truck199962- ?BilingualCrane199960- ?BilingualThe Mail Van199961- ?Derek199965-60Iron 'Arry199969-78Iron Bert199970-79Lorry 2199967- ?Lorry 3199968- ?Fire Engine199964- ?Bi-Plane199966- ?Lady2000--62Bertram2000-- ?Originally released as BertrUmDiesel 102000--63Splatter2000-- ?Dodge2000-- ?Silver Millennium Thomas20001--The Pump Trolley2001-- ?Slate Trucks2001-- ?Flying Scotsman2001--71Smudger2001-- ?Lorry 1 on a flatbed2001-- ?Dyson low-loader2001-- ?Sir Topham Hatt and Lady Hatt2001-- ?Taxi2001-- ?Cranky2001--70Thumper2001--67Old Slow Coach2001-- ?Gordon's Special Coaches2001-- ?Sodor Recovery Unit2001--68Originally released as the Recovery Unit in 2001, but from 2002 was released as Butch.Harvey2002--80Salty2002--81Frank2002--13Elizabeth2002--82Brake Van2002--11The Silly Trucks2002--10Dowager Hattand Mrs. Kyndley2002--14Falcon2002--9Neil2002--12Emily2003--89Spencer2003--90D7101 Diesel2003--88Isabel2003--86Catherine2003--87Fergus2004--92Murdoch2004--97Arthur2004--98Jack2004--99Alfie2004--100Jock2004--101Wind up Fat Controller1993-25-Released within the Shining Time range (1993-1996) and given a Collector Card numberBill & Ben Twin Pack1993-30-Packaged together in the Shining Time range (1993-1996) with a shared Collector Card numberDonald & Douglas Twin Pack1993-31-Packaged together in the Shining Time range (1993-1996) with a shared Collector Card numberAnnie & Clarabel (with Percy)1993-12-Re-Packaged together with either Thomas or Percy in the Shining Time range (1993-1996) with a unique Collector Card numberThomas (with Annie & Clarabel)1993-23-Packaged together with Annie & Clarabel in the Shining Time range (1993-1996) with a unique Collector Card numberPercy (with Annie & Clarabel)1993-24-Packaged together with Annie & Clarabel in the Shining Time range (1993-1996) with a unique Collector Card number

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