Arctic Ops

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Arctic Ops was an army created by RPF Moderator Starboi414 in 2014. Most notably, this army was revived in 2019 as a way for RPF HCOM to infiltrate the Crimson Night Alliance.

First Generation

Work in Progress

Second Generation

Work in Progress

Resetbtn Revival

On October 23rd, 2019, Ultipenguinj, former AO Second in Command, and then Leader of RPF, revived Arctic Ops using his alt account resetbtn. Ogibaan, alt of Pookie437, then RPF Third in Command, joined for a 2ic position. This wasn't just any normal revival however, this one had a purpose. RPF HCOM wanted to infiltrate the Crimson Night Alliance, which was an alliance headed by the People's Imperial Confederation and it's leader NotManuGinobili. The HCOM decided to revive Arctic Ops, all on alt accounts, and reach out to Manu to join the CNA. Needless to say, it worked and no one suspected a thing. When AO joined this alliance they found some info about a surprise war that was being planned on their allies at the time, the Army of Club Penguin. They leaked this info to ACP and ACP declared war first. They also found out that members of the CNA had been helping each other out behind the scenes in battles where allies weren't allowed. Having accomplished its purpose, AO shut down for the third time on December 5, 2019, and they haven't been revived since.RPF

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