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Aubz is an CPPS army leader. She notably led Special Weapons And Tactics alongside One Direction Army.


Early History

Aubz was initially recruited into the Doritos of Club Penguin, but she eventually found her way to the Ice Warriors, where she met leader, and potential love interest, Madhav2. Aubz was able to successfully and swiftly rise through the ranks of the Ice Warriors until she eventually obtained a staff position.



She eventually departed from the Ice Warriors and joined SWAT under S Cargo2's leadership. She was able to quickly climb the rankings of SWAT eventually reaching the position of Leader-in-Training. On her journey, she was also dubbed the honorary position of "SWAT Queen" from S Cargo2. It was then where she decided to create her own army, the One Direction Army, based off the popular boy band of the same name. Due to severe opposition from SWAT Leader Zuke, Aubz chose to step down from her position and join ODA full-time, alongside fellow former SWAT members Belts, Frankie and Izzy. She led ODA to great heights, where they eventually went on to compete in the Legends Cup and maintain consistent high placings on the Club Penguin Army Hub Small Medium Army Top Ten. She eventually returned to SWAT for a leadership position and valiantly led against the Water Vikings in The Eagre Foray conflict. She then bid farewell to SWAT Leadership temporarily, before returning after a breif break. In this time she led a war against The Pizza Federation, dubbed the Special Weapons And Toppings War, and also was a major player in the Army of Club Penguin's war against SWAT, the Flash Nemesis War. Aubz eventually retired from SWAT, and stepped down to the position of SWAT First Responder. She currently remains active in the SWAT discord.


  • "Bro I was just trying to do hoodrat shit with my friends"