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AustinFraud, or Austin, formerly known for leading numerous armies such as Athletes and Elites. He is permanently retired from armies.

Introduction to Armies (2014 - 2018)

He started his Club Penguin Army career in 2014 and was recruited into RPF and had attended a couple of events before he joined the Nachos recently after to find a pin tracker site, which was on their website. Austin had then admitted to himself that he didn't know much about the Club Penguin Army Era and had stopped taking part in Nachos' events. Then the game, Club Penguin announced their shutdown soon after.

Club Penguin was revived in a strange form to Club Penguin Online in 2018, Austin joined in to relive his old memories years before. He ended up surprised finding a lot of armies still active, one being the Pirates, his first army in the Club Penguin Private Server Era. However his enlistment in the Pirates lasted less than a day as he joined the Aliens. Aliens was the only army that actually had an AUSIA division (and he was Ausian), the army was also allies with the Pirates. He had taken his time in the army, as he climbed the ranks. He had lead the tactics in a battle against Templars, however, he was couped from the Aliens due to some drama between him and staff.

Rise of the Athletes

After his demotion in the Aliens, he had already figured out how CP armies worked. Austin decided to create his own army to pass on his knowledge to others, one he named the Athletes. With the help of FunFraud and Kid, this would go on to be one of the greatest armies he has lead. Then, with permission, he merged The Athletes of CP with The Club Penguin Elites, and he lead the 8th and 9th Generations of Elites alongside notable leaders such as Simmonds2000, Elites legend and Spotty803, former Dark Warriors & Help Force leader. He had fought in the war against the Redemption Force, but with the great generation came a less successful one. Elites had then shutdown and Austin was left with nothing, but a DM.

Fire Warriors (2020 - 2021)

Austin was invited to lead the new Fire Warriors generation alongside Sweater, Kaos, Simmonds2000 and Haley. Although he had originally asked for a Second in Command rank, he ultimately decided to join as leader after careful consideration. Since then, he has grown Fire Warriors immensely alongside the other members of the leadership and has accomplished many feats. However, on August 23rd 2021, Austin’s time in Fire Warriors came to an end after many disagreements between himself and the leadership and has since retired from armies permanently.