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BScharbach2 is a former high command member of the Templars army and moderator in the RPF and ACP armies.


Early Career (2017-2018)

On November 3rd, 2017 at 12:48 PM PST, BScharbach2 was recruited into the Rebel Penguin Federation by Trackling. BScharbach2 was eventually promoted to a moderation position due to his involvement and directly spawning the chaos that ensued within World War VII. BScharbach2 was able to successfully rise through the ranks to achieve the position of Fourth-In-Command. During this time he was able to gain widespread popularity for a humorous video involving his father chanting the RPF slogan, whilst eating nachos. BScharbach2 eventually departed from the RPF due to differences from Queenieliz, a leader he believed to be "incompetent." After his departure he partook in a brief stint within the Lime Green Army under the leadership of hippieFRESH and Karma.

Templars (2018-2019)

BScharbach2 was eventually recruited into the Templars by Emperor Xing for a Second-In-Command position. BScharbach2 was a temporary leader within the Help Force Conflicts War against the Help Force.

Army of Club Penguin (2020)

Upon hearing of his old friend Koloway was returning to lead the Army of Club Penguin, BScharbach2 dropped everything and ran to serve under his old friend. Starting at the rank of Private, in 5 days he had worked his way up to Brigadier General after a spree of promotions. Some call it the fastest someone has ranked up from Private to Moderator ever, although records for this are unconfirmed.

Career as Self-Proclaimed "Pope" (2020-)

Bscharbach2 eventually went on a crusade, going from server to server claiming to be a religious hierarchic and preaching that he could cleanse the souls of his disciples. This crusade resulted in his ban from numerous army servers, as he was credited with inciting tensions within their troops. Though after months of this, the so-called Pope got his lucky break with recognition from the likes of Templars, in addition to apparently the Army of Club Penguin, and LEGOMAN. With this backing, he had been recognized as Pope by a portion of the community.


BScharbach2 eventually crossed paths with his future best friend, LEGOMAN, within the Ice Warriors discord server. At this time BScharbach2 was still committed to spreading his reign as "Pope" throughout the armies, and attempted to follow suite within the Ice Warriors. He eventually received a direct message from LEGOMAN, as LEGOMAN attempted to troop-steal BScharbach2 into the LEGOMAN ARMY HOO RAH! BScharbach2 made the decision to join for an advisory position and kept a watchful eye over the army.

The Papal Legion

Though having a cool name, the Papal Legion is just what he called his group of friends who had stuck with him from his time in the 2017 Rebel Penguin Federation onwards. This consisted the likes of Koloway, Kellis, Litt7, GetALife (Sohbobcat), Hexxer, and Shanks, but also many more good friends of his.



  • "I did it because it was funny"
  • "We do a little trolling, its called we do a little trolling"
  • "Let's start a world war"