The Barbarians of CP were an army in CPR. They were founded by Zeke, Movamp and McRib on April 24th, 2017. They are currently in their 3rd generation, being revived by Zeke on January 1st, 2018.


In their first event, the Barbarians were battling the Soviets army of CPR. The Barbarians won the battle easily, and got the 10th spot on the CPRAC Top Ten Armies list the following week, the 2nd time they actually filled the top ten lol. The Barbarians died for the first time when Zeke left UMA for the Redemption Force as 4ic and worked his way up to leader. After the RF died of inactivity Zeke left and remade the Barbarians for the 2nd generation. Zeke had hired He-Man as leader and the Barbarians maxed 7 in the first event back. Zeke then hired Sports as 2ic and Beaner as 3ic, so things were looking bright for the Barbs. They would go on to max 4 and 5 in their next events and got the 4th spot on the CPRAC Top Ten. The size went down to 3 and they were just barely holding on, getting 6th on the top ten the next week. The Barbarians eventually died of inactivity. After Zeke left the Romans in October he revived the Barbarians for the 3rd generation, but a lack of troops and motivation caused the army to die again. The Barbarians have remained dead sce.Generation 3The Barbarians were revived for their actual 3rd generation by Zeke on January 1st, 2018. He hired SavageCobra as leader, Beaner and Games as 2ic, Beast and Jedi as 3ic and Treelocks as 4ic. After undergoing several early leadership changes, the Barbarians leadership is Zeke, Movamp and Cobra leading, Beaner as 2ic and Beast & Treelocks as 3ic.

They cannot be found within the new 2019 army community, and for this reason are presumed dead.

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