Battle for The Town
The Pizza Bois and Painters battling
Date February 15, 2018
Result Truce between the Pizza Bois and Painters

Alliance declared between The Pizza Bois and Painters
Armies Present
The Pizza Bois The Painters Coffee Gang
Camera Party
Mia the Mole
roughly 20 roughly 10 3 (CG)
1 (CP)

The Battle for The Town was a battle that occured on February 15, 2018, at the town on the server Deep Freeze. The battle was fought between The Pizza Bois and the Painters, with smaller armies also involving themselves[1].

The Battle

The Painters assembled in the town roughly ten minuted before the start of the battle. The Pizza Bois, who were holding an event, then entered the town. The two groups quickly began arguing that the other army should leave, causing them to each form defensive lines opposite each other. The Pizza Bois then swarmed the Painters, causing the line to scatter and many painters to flee. Smaller armies, such as the Coffee Gang and Camera Party also took part. After several more minutes of an intense stand-off, the two army leaders, Penguidae and MrUnicorn117, met in the Pizza Parlor to discuss a treaty. They not only settled on a truce, but ended up allying the two armies in an official alliance[2]. But some Pizza Bois were not happy with this new deal, and two of them started attacking MrUnicorn 117 and several painters. When Penguidae and several other Pizza Bois went to investigate these Pizza Bois, They were also attacked. The two rouge Pizza Bois were then banned as a result of treason.


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