Ben 10 Sangam is an army, or more commonly known as an organisation is an groupcreated in early 2013.

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This army has only 15 members, but army depends on defence and team work rather than bruth force. The members are :

  • Director - Benjamen531
  • President - Akila zamu6
  • Secretary of Director and President - Sanjay002
  • Weapon Specialist - Sudarmani
  • Chairman - Balaji
  • Soldiers -  Smensss, Pranath, Bigchill1234, Alaa46, Banana 0o, Mega Spy3, Coolest Boy, Haveri 124, Cambamgreen and Ben 10.
  • Special Guest - Rookie


Battle in Snow Day

It has been only 1 week since we created Ben 10 Sangam, we were discussing about what to do andsuddenly the coloured army(red version) attacked the surrounding penguin by using rapid snowball throw. But before this could lead to a civil war we leaped into action and surrounded the coloured army's leaders and made them surrender in mere minutes. This is our first major victory.

Allengieces with the EPF

We made partnership with the EPF during Operation Puffle to defeat Herbert once and for all. We waited for him in the EPF vet station and he suddenly appeared and started throwing gaint snowballs. 7 out of 20 members were defeated. but me and my remainding members used rapid snowball on him and he logged off. Finally we won the legendary battle.

Assualt on Purple Republic

On february 17, 2014 a few of the Purple Republic's bot attacked the server Sone Cone,


Luckily our president was there to save the penguin. Our president akila zama6 used his hacking skills to ban the bots forever(this is a lie) without being noticed by the moderators - a feat accomplished by none of the army. Then our president started attacking the bot's leader and the terrorist who terrorised CP for years logged off and ran away.

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