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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 17 days ago

Closing Thoughts and Exit Wounds

6. Closing Thoughts and Exit Wounds

Now, I had thought about vanishing from the wiki for good without any clear word of explanation, but I’m the sort of person who values closure, and this post is mine.

This post does not reflect the views of the CPA Wiki Administration. All of my opinions are exactly that and nothing else.

It’s been a very long time since I wrote a blog post here. My original plan had been to put all of my rant-opinion posts onto other websites in different formats [e.g. the Club Penguin Army HQ (CPAHQ) philosophy posts, the Club Penguin Army Outreach (CPAO) social commentary posts]. But, CPAHQ of course requires some neutrality and restraint and CPAO does not exist at this point. So, for one last time, I have some thoughts …

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Bf54x Bf54x 1 November

The Scars Project

Just a short little note to myself: I will be re-working Scars' Wiki page in a big way. I now realize how much personal bias and anti-DCP/anti-32op slander I put into that page, and it just isn't good for the Wiki. I don't want to have to slap a "NPOV" Template on the page, so I will be working on the page very soon. I hope to eliminate most of my personal bias and definitely cut down on the anti-DCP slander. Please, in the off chance that anyone sees this, do not touch Scars' Wiki page. I will also be adding additional info to the page. It is a project I will eventually be getting around to. Thank you for your time.

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Bf54x Bf54x 25 October

Editorial: How Does One Descend into Trolling?

Editorial: How Does One Descend into Trolling?:

Warning: Uncomfortable topics such as Nazism, racial slurs, and sexual themes may be discussed. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS UNDER 18. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


           Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, or a good night to you depending on what time it is that you read this (if you even do). It is I, 54x again, and today I’d figured since I have found some free time in my gap of busy work, I would write another blog post. I thought I had exhausted my ideas to write in terms of these blog posts on the Wiki I do, but this idea came to…

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Bf54x Bf54x 20 October

54x (JFF)

54x is a well known soldier in Club Penguin Armies. Joining in 2006, he is often thought to be the "father of Club Penguin Armies." Originally around for the Color Wars (WWI), which were thought to be the earliest form of armies, 54x banded the color clans together into organized armies, thus creating some of the first Club Penguin Armies. 54x is thought to have been the mysterious leader of the original Blue Clan (the clan that Oagalthorp was thought to have fought under). 54x is a Club Penguin Army Legend and was one of the most prominent figures to come about in the community.

54x is thought to have been the Blue Clan's true leader. Under his leadership, the previously unorganized Blue Clan banded together under his rule. Oagalthorp (the…

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Bf54x Bf54x 7 October

Pages I Feel Should Be Deleted

Hello all. This is mainly just a blog post for me to get down a few thoughts. If a few of my fellow Wiki staff members stumble across this, that’s great. Maybe you can look into or debate me on a few of my ideas here.

Basically, here, I’m just posting a few pages I feel should be completely deleted. When I mean completely deleted, I don’t mean like it needs a major revamp. I mean the page itself should be deleted because it is either extremely irrelevant to Club Penguin Armies or is so sloppily written to the point where it hurts to look at.

I will make a list below and link to each page I feel should be deleted. Next to each page, I will make a little comment on why I feel it should be deleted. Although I am a Content Moderator and have th…

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Bf54x Bf54x 5 October

Editorial: My Thoughts on Self-Written Wiki Pages

Editorial – My Thoughts on Self-Written Wiki Pages:

Hello, it’s 54x again. I was thinking about whether I should publish this or not. If you’re seeing it, then I guess you know the answer. As the title suggests, I will be briefly discussing my thoughts on self-written Wiki pages.

Now, the title of this blog post might be confusing to those of you who know anything about my current Wiki page. Why? Well, that’s because my own Wiki page is self-written. Self-written meaning I wrote a Wiki page on myself. Pretty stupid, huh? Yea, I think so too. Today, and to be frank, for a while now, I look back on my wiki page and cringe very hard. There are numerous reasons as to why I now cringe at my self-written Wiki page, but basically, if you’ve ever re…

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Bf54x Bf54x 17 September

Editorial: A Romans Reflection

Editorial: A Romans Reflection by 54x:

Warning: This is a LONG read!

        As the dates of September 17th and September 18th approach, I have found myself thinking about what happened on those days last year (2020). Although I have tried to minimize my thoughts about armies since leaving the community early this year, I can’t help but reflect upon a short but significant part of my army career. I have been planning to do an editorial regarding this topic for a while, but what better time to do it than September of 2021. I think it’s time I finally shed a little light upon why my leadership led to the fall of one of the oldest and most historic armies in Club Penguin. I will try to do my best and try not to put any personal bias into this, b…

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Lartpower Lartpower 8 August

4 Months

Boy, time does go by, 4 months and 3 days ago, I applied for staff at the wiki and received it. My time here was great, in the wiki and in the army community. I meant to have wrote this a month from then, but I forgot and then the clock starts rushing ahead. I would like to basically just tell my story because soon it will get longer. I joined the Doritos and learned what Club Penguin was, then I had experienced the full Club Penguin Army experience when I joined Fire Warriors. I'm a heck of a new player and user when it comes to armies and Club Penguin, I plan on contributing a lot in the wiki and in the army community. I created a book on Wattpad, I suggest you check it out, I'm planning on making another one. As for now, this is just my…

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Cabinism Cabinism 7 July

3 Days

In three days, I will probably be the first holder of the Triple Star Major badge. This badge can only be earned through daily editing to the Wiki for 60 days straight.

Some days, I only did one or two minor things. Some days, I did major things. I have had a fun time doing this streak.

Anyways, I hope to be this active outside of trying to earn this extremely rare badge.

I have enjoyed my time participating in Wiki activities here. I hope to a lot of meaningful contributions in the future.

Have a good one,


Content Moderator

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 22 June

Personal Thoughts: An unplanned dissertation on the recent Templars controversy

Be aware, more sensitive topics being discussed today and the discussion of a screenshot involving Nazism which may upset or trigger people. Viewers discretion is advised.

Again a reminder that my opinions do not represent the stance of the wiki.

Shorter blog today in reaction to recent events. Yep, it's another evening and Templars just got cancelled for the 27th time, and I have something to say on the subject.

In case you hadn't heard or you're reading this way after the fact, it's the 22nd of June and Templars just got banned from scheduling invasions on CPAHQ's Project Conquest for a week after their antics reached the limit in their attacks of ACP, an example of which can be found here. 'DeeP' is a member of Templars and his actions hav…

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 5 June

Personal Thoughts: Army Organisations Today

Quick Update: Sincere apologies to Vanish of CPAHQ who is the Vice Director for the organisation, I accidentally referred to him instead of Funks as I got the ranks mixed up. Fixed that just now.

Hi again armies. Rowan here.

Well, it's 1am and I am again very very bored, so I'm back on here to share some opinions on the most recent goings on in the larger community.

As ever, my opinions are my own and should not be taken to represent the stance of the wiki. This is more relevant this time around.

I wanted to talk today about the many organisations we have in operation. It goes without saying there are a lot of groups operating right now and I wanted to reflect on them individually.

I'm going to work in chronological-ish order of opening, starting…

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Cabinism Cabinism 1 June

Short Introduction

Short Introduction
June 1, 2021

Hello! I am Cabin, and I am grateful to have been accepted as Content Moderator for the Club Penguin Army Wiki. I plan on being very active and constantly contributing to this Wiki, especially since I have a lot of free time at this current moment in time. I have quite a bit army experience myself. I originally joined Club Penguin armies in 2014, retired a few times here and there, and now I'm here (you can find a better description of my army career by clicking on here)!

During my time as Content Moderator, I hope to learn life skills that I could incorporate in the real world. As stated earlier, I am grateful to be in this position and will contribute to the Wiki to the best of my ability.

Thanks for taki…

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Bf54x Bf54x 26 May

One Last Request

Hello again. It’s me. I know right? Again?! This guy just can’t stay away, huh? Yes, I know, but hear me out. I realized I should’ve probably put this in my big blog post I made a few days ago, but I don’t know if it would fit in there. So I’m making a fresh new blog post to write out one last request I have. This will most likely be either my last blog post ever, or last one for a VERY long time. Don’t worry; I’ll try to keep it short.

Before I once again completely slip back into my real life, I have come to request something that has been on my mind ever since I re-read my disgusting Wiki page a few days ago when I kinda came back to look at the CPA Wiki. Yes, I’ll admit it, my personal Wiki page is REALLY REALLY long. I still cringe at…

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Bf54x Bf54x 19 May

Editorial: The Disgraced Story of 54x

Hello. I am 54x. Many know me as battlefield master or just simply "Battlefield." Yea I still f*cking love that game and yes I'm still obsessed with and want to marry Battlefield 4. But that's not what I'm here to talk about today in this blog post. I wanted to kind of tie up some loose ends and inform anyone who reads this of my whereabouts, what happened to me, and my plans for the future. So here we go, sit tight because I don't know how long this is gonna be. If you know me from my cringe personal Wiki page, you know that this post is probably gonna be long. Enough BS, let's get into it.

Time to finally put an official close to this terrible chapter of my life. This is something I just feel I needed to write for personal reasons. I don…

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Bf54x Bf54x 19 May

To Do List

This is just a possible "To Do List" of all projects I plan on starting, working on, doing finishing touches on, or completing.

As a side note, it is unknown whether I will even eventually end up doing any of this for a multitude of reasons. Most likely I will be way to busy irl. I have just made this post to kind of get down some projects I was thinking about possibly doing.

Long-term Projects to Finish Up: (if I ever get around to it)

-DrMatt (at this point just grammar/spelling corrections)


-Dark Bandits

-Romans *(this is something I hope to actively help with or request Dino/CaptainScratch to do. I plan on hopefully at some point doing a big project to finish up the Romans Wiki page. What I mean by this is I hope to pick up where the R…

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 5 May

Personal thoughts on armies today

Hi people.

Once upon a time, the CPA Wiki didn't use the forum/discussion features. All communications took place using this blog function. There's a lot of wiki history buried in these blogs if you care enough to go looking.

Eventually, Flen came along and helped the wiki move onto the new Wikia version that we use today, which we believed would do away with blogs for good. Consequentially, we disabled blogs and moved onto the discussion/forum feature used today for wiki announcements and communication.

Personally however? I prefer blogs. Since writing a blog is like writing a page, I've always found it easier to use personally. What can I say, I'm old fashioned.

I find it unlikely we'll ever return to the blog function as the new forum/discu…

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CaptainScratch CaptainScratch 25 January

Wiki Editorial: Explorer7777

References will be added later today.

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CaptainScratch CaptainScratch 22 January

The Toolbox Findings

Dear Editors,

For those we do not know, the Tuba Army was a large Rogue Army back in 2017. During which many of us were led to believe that an individual named Tool Box served as the main leader from beginning until December when the Tubas "closed". Many of the Tubas supposedly ended up joining Elmikey's Rebel Penguin Marines to continue the fight against the Rebel Penguin Federation army.

However, after some damning evidence provided by an investigation from myself and associate administrator SavageCobra, the wiki administration is officially announcing the following history verdict:

  • Tool box never led the Tubas, or is there any construct proof of him even existing. It's likely he might've existed as a RPM soldier who claimed to be a Tuba le…

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CaptainScratch CaptainScratch 17 January

Editorial Agenda for January - February (2021)

Editor's Note: This is a general agenda for the entire spring (January - April). I was just sleepy and only said January - February.

Underline = High Priority

Wiki Projects:

  • Romans
  • CPOnline
  • Early CPRA
  • UMA
  • URP

Massive Page Revamps To Do:

  • Anti-RPF
  • Anti-UMA
  • United Republic of Penguins
  • Club Penguin Private Server Armies (with Cobra)
  • Underground Mafias Army (with Cobra)
  • Romans
  • Club Penguin Crew
  • World War III
  • World War Rewritten
  • XxToysoldier
  • The Pain War
  • Light Troops (with Rowan and Lego)
  • Doritos of Club Penguin (with Rowan and Lego)
  • Dark Warriors (with Rowan and Lego)
  • Ice Warriors (with Rowan and Lego)
  • The Pizza Federation (with Cobra and Snork)
  • RPF-Pirates War (with Cobra)
  • Wild Ninjas (with Cobra, Lego, and Rowan)
  • Army of Club Penguin (Note: oh god this will be a nightmare)
  • Th…
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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 12 January


This is just for the sake of getting achievements for anyone new who joins who's competitive like that. We don't currently plan on bringing blogs back.

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UncleHamilton UncleHamilton 12 January

CC wiki page

read it

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CaptainScratch CaptainScratch 26 October 2020

Editorial Agenda for October - November (2020)

I will expand on this on a later note. Please ignore for now.

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CaptainScratch CaptainScratch 26 October 2020

Test blog

This is a quick test blog. No need to read. ——  CaptainScratch|Talk|Contribs|Sandbox|Blog 20:44, October 26, 2020 (UTC)

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CaptainScratch CaptainScratch 25 October 2020

Belated Follow-up in Regards to Gangs

Hello there fellow wiki editors!

As an belated update, a new infobox for factions (gangs, groups, whatever) has been created and official guidelines will be rolled out soon. Current gang pages such as CANC have been unlocked for the time-being. Please contact an administrator if you have any concerns.

——  CaptainScratch|Talk|Contribs|Sandbox|Blog 14:25, October 25, 2020 (UTC)

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CaptainScratch CaptainScratch 12 October 2020

Administrative Statement regarding Gangs & Vet Groups

Effectively immediately, after consultation between the current Wiki administration, we’ll be formally locking all gang/vet group pages. This includes (but not limited to):

• EHUMA (Eastern Hancock Underground Mafias’ Army)
• Bloodline
• TGHFAG (Trey Got Head From A Guy)

While we openly endorse the creation of pages on anything CPA-related (even veteran matters), we are unsure on the legality of the ‘gangs’. Most likely we’ll be undoing all lockings within a period of 1 week. However, a follow-up statement regarding how gang pages will be made will be addressed. Any attempts at circumventing this temporary measure will lead to further pages being deleted and a block for a period of 2-weeks.

If you have any concerns, please contac…

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Cpworld2001 Cpworld2001 20 April 2020

Suspension of Blog

Hey there all,

As conveyed before, the Wiki will be deleted tomorrow (21st April 2020), as it completes the term of one week notice that I had given for trasnfer of impotant contact to which is going to be our new discussion spot. 

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 14 April 2020

A note about blogs

Hey people.

As you'll be aware, the blogs feature will be turned off in a week. 

If you have anything saved in them, please make sure you've copied them! The data should save for now when we switch the feature off, but when we migrate to the new platform, the data may be lost.

Be wary of this, happy editing!


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Cpworld2001 Cpworld2001 14 April 2020

Suspension of Blog and migration to Fandom Discussions software

From now onwards, we'll be using this Discussion page rather than the Blog Page:

This blog will be suspended within a week

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Cpworld2001 Cpworld2001 10 April 2020

Moving to UPC Platform

Hello everyone,

The Fandom staff is planning onto brining all of Wikia and Gamepedia wiki pages onto a UPC Platform. It's a great way to get new features and explore the next era of Wikimedia software.

I, as one of the two admins, would like to volunteer Club Penguin Army Wiki is UPC Transition for an early migration.

You can read more about it:


We're open to discussion on this decision. If other admins and editors are also satisfied,  I request you to comment your approval.

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 8 April 2020

Plans moving forward

Hi all, just an update of my current plan of action for my work on the wiki.

This is more for my good as a plan I can use in the future when working.

I am currently finishing up my first project on the Wikia, categorising every page. This has been an on and off thing since I got here, but I am pleased to announce that this will be finished by the end of the month. New pages may be made without categories in the future but the original lump of hundreds of uncategorised pages will be cleared away.

I've been pooling a lot of pages into the stubs category for now and I'll go through them all again and complete them. It'll take a long time to get through them since it'll be a good 170+ pages by the time I get through the rest of them to completely…

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 4 April 2020

A point about looking after older pages.

I'm sure, over the course of my work, you'll see I've been coming across long-forgotten pages that have been long abandoned by the original creators.

Sadly, these pages were abandoned by previous admins and content moderators as well from years past, and thanks to this neglect, will never be finished.

Take the CPBA page I found recently. The page has been vandalised several times over the past 11 years, but all admins that have come across the page never took the time or effort to try and fix what was clearly an unfinished page. The website link for the army was there, and there's a good chance the website was still up at the time in 2013/14 when most of the vandalism took place, but no one back then took the time to even TRY and finish the p…

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 2 April 2020


Only 49 pages to go and every page will be categorised! 

Will be some time before we get there still, but the end is in sight at last!

And thank goodness because I am fed up of stumbling upon the weirdest ever pages like bruh some of the people on this wiki years ago...

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 22 March 2020

We're down to 100 uncategorised pages!

Once I've gotten through the remaining 100, I'll go back to the candidates for deletion pages and sift through them. I'll then move through the random categories with like one page in them and sort them out.

Yeah I like categories and order they help okay trust me

Once I've done all that I'll start on the stub pages.

Hope y'all are good.

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 10 March 2020

I am a bureaucrat again!

Hey gamers, inactive person here!

So I am back editing this wiki part-time [party], hoping to get back to work on finishing my work on:

1. Ensuring all pages are categorised.

2. Handling incomplete pages.

I've recently sorted out a new army infobox that should cover ALL grounds. you can see an example of it in action here:

Infoboxes are a little buggy, so if any changes are needed for future pages I will have to make a new infobox. Don't ask, it's really sucky but oh well.

If you need my help, drop me a line at my message wall!

See you around!


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Cpworld2001 Cpworld2001 11 March 2020

Staff Changes

As a Bureaucrat to Club Penguin Army Wikipedia, I'm pleased to announce the following staff changes:

  • Promotion of Annon to Bureaucrat
  • Addition of Eden as Administrator
  • Addition of Ayan21 as Content Moderator

  • Removal of Greeny420 from Administration due to internal reasons.


Please Note:

  1. Bureaucratic position, which is the apex role on the Wikipedia, can only be held by individuals of the community who served as veterans. They can of Original CP Armies and/or CPPS Armies.
  2. Administration Role is held by a person who is not a member of any Army.
  3. Content Moderators and its accompanied roles are held by members of different CP Army News hubs. 
    • CP Online Army League administration currently…

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CaptainScratch CaptainScratch 8 February 2020

To do list February 2020

This is a blog post regarding my to do list for this month on the wiki.

Pages I need access to edit

Pages I will/need to expand
King Mondo

Potential future pages
Freshly Squeezed War

Templates I could make (for my pages and perhaps others)

  • Average quality
  • Very good quality
  • Poor quality page

Potential page mergers
Army of Club Penguin Rewritten —> Army Of Club Penguin (autonomous section)
Pizza Bois —> The Pizza Federation (autonomous section)
Rebel Penguin Federation Marines —> Rebel Penguin Marines (pre-history section)
Rebel Penguin Illuminati —> Rebel Penguin Federation or a new page with both the RPF and ACP illuminatis.

To be updated...

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Sarahshuga Sarahshuga 28 November 2019

Hi! I'm Sarahshuga! In 2008, I was Djgtjvgyhxgy's second in command leading the CP Roman Army for about a year.

Hi pals!

I found this blog after a google search for a side-hobby I had in elementary school, running a wordpress account/being active on the OG Club Penguin in an army called the Romans.  I remembered being pretty high up after Dj recruited me, according to records I found online ([[1]], [[2]]) I was the "head empress" on the second biggest server in the game for a while.  Things were messy back then, but I'd be happy to fill in the blanks for some of you.  Nickpooch and I were technically IRLs for about two years and Dj and I were social media friends for a little while before we grew apart and I eventually unfriended him.

I'm older now and not active on the new wave of CP reboots, but I think this wiki is so fun and creative and I love se…

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 17 October 2019

I am now a bureaucrat

Hi guys, after a month of waiting I finally got my bureaucrat issues sorted and now can look at getting more staff to fix this wiki up some more and complete unfinished pages.

Flen, when you see this sorry I went through FANDOM to get it sorted instead of waiting, I wanted to get started asap and knew you were okay with it. 

I will be looking for staff to start fixing the wiki up immediately. If you see this and are interested in helping out, leave me a message on my wall or message me on Discord at Dank Rowan Alden #2588.

I hope I can continue to serve this community for a long time to come,

Rowan Alden [Annon- CPA].

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Hexxer7 Hexxer7 3 October 2019


Hey there, my name is Hexxer07, and im currently a CPA Reporter who also helps with the wiki, if you need fixing on anything I can help but source must be reliable, or if you just want to chat with me about CPA or anything then you can find me on CPA Discord and some other armies discord, kthxbye!

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Cpworld2001 Cpworld2001 1 September 2019

List of Conflicts - Completion

Annon and I have gone forward to complete most of the armies pages. We've asked army leaders to help and so far it's been successful. However, some army pages still remain untraced and perhaps we couldn't find anu evidence of their history.

Keeping that aside, Annon, I along with CPA Website Staff have gone forward to complete the "List of Conflicts" page. That part of the wikipedia is the backbone of this entire community.

It defines how the community became pragmatic with time and in what way people and armies played roled.

In the wake of this attempt, I request everyone on this Wikipedia to join our CPA History Discord:

We will debate about the history and finialise them by end of this year. Once it's been approve…

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 16 August 2019

Well yikes

Well yikes bois. I'm first on the badge leaderboards.  I'm old now big yikes

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 15 August 2019

New badges!

There's now a badge track for editing articles with the 'Stubs' category! Go finish those pages,


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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 9 August 2019

The Current state of CPA Wiki

So here we are, the start of August 2019 and wow things are on the high. The new CPA community has been set up [1] and things there are going great [occasional controversies aside and rivalry with the CPOAL [CPO's army community]] with an active army base featuring several armies and faces that are old and new. It's impressive and actually quite peaceful considering the roster of twelve armies:

If anyone out there wants to get back into armies this community is a great one! Annon

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Brooklyn survivor Brooklyn survivor 15 June 2019

i am done

alright i talked to silmy  while i was blocked and he adimmted he is  not legend but a figure.  he is a figure beasue he is not afraid to speak out aganist dicators and bullys. like chip xing and epic.   hes kowen in the cpps army community .

proof -online-end-of-year-army-awards-2018-voting/  (most achiched)

i will stop saying silmy is a legend if you say he is a figure. 

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Brooklyn survivor Brooklyn survivor 9 May 2019

proof mr silmy is a legend

1. he helped to create the cpps army community 

2. he got mod in muitpule arimes 

3. he is friends with army legends like elmikey ,security and venom 

4. he hepled the templars beat egcp in the semi finals of chitrmas chaos 

5.  he hepled templars beat rpf in the anti rpf war 

this is why mr silmy is cpps army legend

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 21 April 2019



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Cpworld2001 Cpworld2001 11 April 2019

CP Armies Reunion

This morning CP Army Syndicate finally came together to host a reunion for CP Armies. 

This reunion will be conducted in summers of 2019 and we'll be sending out emails to 200+ people from old cp armies. 

How we got the emails you ask? CPAC.

Please join the CPAS discord server to help us

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Cpworld2001 Cpworld2001 6 April 2019

List of Completed Army Pages

This a draft.

The following pages have been completed and protected:

  1. Nachos
  2. Chaos
  3. Rebel Penguin Federation
  4. Dark Knight Empire
  5. Ice Hounds
  6. Imperial Argonauts Empire
  7. Army of the Republic (To be done: Fix the InfoBox)
  8. Wild Ninjas (Constanly being upgraded as army still continues on SuperCPPS)
  9. SWAT (To be done: Add InfoBox)

Further Information not found:

  1. Water Vikings (Posts drafted and History page was deleted)
  2. Night Rebels (Website was self-hosted. I found a wordpress site but it doesn't have all the information)
  3. Liberations of CP (Can't find site)
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Cpworld2001 Cpworld2001 3 April 2019


As of April 4th, 2019, Club Penguin Armies wiki is under major reconstruction. 

I would require the people and staff to help me in this. My aim is that by end of April 2019, the wiki is complete with history of all original CP Armies 

I will start my part from tomorroe that is 5th April, 2019

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Annon- CPA Annon- CPA 3 April 2019

For CPPS related stuff, this is useful

So I just found this server ownership map and wanted to share it with you all as I think it may be useful.

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