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BloodPanther, usually called "Blood" or "Panther" for short, was a Romans 3ic, a 6ic in the DKE, a leader in the Hawk Knights Of CP, a First Lieutenant in the RPF and a 4ic in the Nova Phoenix Corps.


BloodPanther started his army career in October 2017 when he joined Club Penguin Rewritten and saw the Rebel Penguin Federation. He played the original Club Penguin when he was a lot younger, but this was the first time he had seen an army. He went to their website and signed up. Through the RPF, he found the Romans and joined their ranks. He was dedicated and recruited regularly on the request of the leader at the time, Smurf, and led some EU events with a slightly lower rank Romans troop named Ragnar to help expand their EU division on the request of Ulysses Nardo. Due to this, he rose up three ranks to Decanus After three months in RPF, he left because it was too demanding at the rank he was at, they had a one army rule for moderators, and he preferred being in the Romans. BloodPanther's friend from RPF, HawkGuy, contacted him through this wiki after BloodPanther improved the page made for his new army. BloodPanther joined the Discord server of this army, the HRC, later known as the HKCP by his suggestion, and later offered to help them with their website. This, along with providing guidance and advice to the army in general and in particular acting as a mentor to HawkGuy, earned him the special advisor rank of Hokage. Later on, after he helped lead an event or two, he was given the rank of HRC Commander, which is second in command, and later became a leader. He was later promoted in Romans to Optio, after he was briefly a part of the Dark Knight Empire as a Brigadier General, the lowest High Command rank. In the rest of his Romans career, he rose to First File (4ic) and was given the Officer role for leading the HKCP well, normally only given to Prefects and above. After he continued to do well, he was promoted to Prefect (3ic). He was a reporter for both Daily Small Medium Army News and for Club Penguin Rewritten Army Central. When Club Penguin Rewritten was shut down, the Romans closed, and many Romans high command retired, including BloodPanther. He was awarded Legend status in HKCP as part of the "Trinity of Beasts", the original three HKCP leaders, along with Wolfy Daddy and HawkGuy. A while after, in the summer of 2018, he came out of retirement and joined the Nova Phoenix Corps as an original member and was given the rank of Colonel (4ic).