Bobo405 was active on Club Penguin between 2006 and 2007. Most of his story is lost in time, but he is known for founding the Tuxedo Rebel Army (TRA). The TRA, now dead, was an army of rebel, native-born Tuxedo penguins. The TRA rose in response to a dispute between ACP and the RPF over who should reign over the Tuxedo server after the fall of UMA and Pink Mafias. After the TRA returned from chasing the larger armies out, Bobo405 passed on ownership of both his army and their private channels of communication to his second in command, who's name has also been lost in time. Because the army was short-lived and stuck to their home after liberating it, they were, until now, forgotten. Bobo405 was known to have a mutual respect with Oagalthorp, and dueled Pink Mafias on two separate occasions before Mafias' disappearance.

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