Hey, I'm Boomer 20. I joined Club Penguin on March 31, 2007. I had always enjoyed a good snowball war, and I spent some time fighting unofficially for UMA against the Nachos in May 2007. After a period of inactivity on Club Penguin, I attended a massive, multi-army battle on Mammoth during Winter Break, which encouraged me to search for YouTube videos about Club Penguin wars. I soon found a video of an even more massive battle in which the Army of Club Penguin defeated the Underground Mafias Army in WWIII. This video encouraged me to look into ACP. I attended a few small battles on January 2nd or 3rd, where I met many of my longtime friends in ACP, including Shaboomboom, who joined ACP that very same day. After emailing Oagalthorp, the ACP Leader, I became an official member of ACP on January 18th when I received the rank of Captain in the Sigma Brigade. Since then, I served in SSACP, as well as ACP for over a year. After over 11 months of serving ACP, the leaders of ACP at the time chose me to be the next ACP leader. So far in ACP, I have made many friends. I look forward to making more in the coming year as I do my best to serve the army I have become so fond of. Together we will bring yet another Golden Age to the Army of Club Penguin.

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