BoringPengui is a Moderator of Cofo and a former member of the Pizza Bois. He is a member who always wants to keep the group organised and can be quite assertive at times but, he's mostly a nice guy.


Pizza Bois

Not much is known about BoringPengui's time as a pizza boi as he mostly will only say very little or ignore the question all together. All we know is that he took control of a small group of them for a while constantly going after members of Cofo.


After he left the Pizza Bois with no warning whatsoever he retreated to Cofo, which is where he met the Co-Leader of Cofo. BoringPengui agreed to all the rules of Cofo and from that point onwards he was an official member and is still one to this day. He had also got so many people into Cofo that he became a moderator of the group and continued to assist them in ways such as creating Cofo's logo (That one Starbucks logo edit with Cofo written on it)


  • Getting a lot of new members into Cofo
  • Earning the title for having the "Best Igloo" in the Cofo group.
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