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A member of The Brotherhood Of The Flame.

This small clan of Fire Ninjas came about on the date of December, 17, 2013. About a half a dozen of them showed at the town and called forth meteoroids towards the island! Panic quickly spread around the island, as the sky turned red and fire lit up the sky! However, The Brotherhood's 15 seconds of fame quickly ended when water ninjas stormed the town and attacked the brotherhood. The clan of fire ninjas were quickly defeated and the sky was slowly cooled down. The group was seperated, but this was short lived, as a couple Clan members met upon the ski hill and summoned more meteors from the sky. One of the meteors hit the island and killed dozens of penguins. The Brotherhood Of The Flame would quickly become one of the most feared groups of Club Penguin. Their leader, Skipper Guin, decided to organize an attack on the dojo. Skipper made this decision in order to eliminate the other elements of card-jitsu. There was, however, a mole in the Brotherhood, and The Sensei had every member of the Clan executed. Skipper escaped though, and has still managed to elude his hunters up to this day. In the name of all that is good in Club Penguin. Skipper must be found and stopped. For who knows what this penguin is capable of...
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