Brownpen4 played Club Penguin for 8 years till it finally came to an end. He found CPPS's and discovered armies in late November of 2017. He First served in Romans which was fighting a war with DKE at the time.                           

After a couple of months, Brownpen4 join the RACP.

Years In Armies


Brownpen4 spent several days in the Roman Army. Eventually, he Joined the Rebel Alliance of Club Penguin (RACP) which was a Secret Army. (while still in the Romans) Matthew, Brownpen4's friend promoted him to General of RACP. On December 5th Brownpen4 was Banned from the RACP server by Firedragon1112 who was able to take control of the server. Later Brownpen4 and Matthew re-founded the RACP and Brownpen4 was promoted to Warlord. He lead through 2 Generations of RACP as of 2018 and created the protection force of RACP, The Enforcers of Peace.

First Generation Conflicts:

  1. Deface of RACP

Second Generation Conflicts:

  1. ARAC Rebellion
  2. RC and RACP War

Third Generation Conflicts:

  1. HKCP, RACP, and RC War

More about the RACP can be found here: 


Brownpe4 has been in Templars since day one. He has served in all generations of Templars but has been the most active in the 3rd gen. Brownpen4 became Grand Prior of Templars, he serves as leader with XingGamesKyle104Brownpen4Toast, and Security.

Red Cavaliers

Brownpen4 served in RC along with Zeke and Xing. Brownpen4 was a high commanding officer in RC. But when RC went to war with the HKCP. Brownpen4 and RACP sided with HKCP and Brownpen4 was banned from RC.


Brownpen4 lead in ENF with Xingan army eventually merged into ENF, and they saw sizes of 15-20. It was later defaced.

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