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The Brutusian War was a war in February 2020 between the Romans and the Recon Federation of Club Penguin. The war occurred after the Recon Federation claimed that a Roman high command raided a RFCP event. The Romans did not fire the high command, which would then kick off the war. The victor is disputed.


The Romans were revived in October of 2019, over a year after the closure of the Nova Phoenix Corps (Summer 2018) and the previous generation of Romans (October 2017 to March 2018). This revival was well regarded by many until a raid held by former UMA members (including Romans leader, Smurf). RFCP's leader, Prior Bumble responded to the situation by blaming Smurf for the incident, as well as targeting Romans advisor, Cobra, by banning him from the RFCP chat. This would spark a temporary feud between the two armies, which would then result in a post written by Cobra, criticizing the "childish" nature of the incident. The feud would end in December 2019, after all tensions were relaxed by both parties. The Romans and RFCP relations would continue as normal and friendly, until February 17th, 2020, where a raid occurred on a RFCP event, with the name "Cabin" being dropped. Prior Bumble assumed this raid was done by Romans high commanding officer, Cabin. The Romans army investigated the incident, but did not fire Cabin after ruling he did not engage in the incident. Prior Bumble responded by removing Cobra's advisor position in RFCP and his role as a family member of the army. 2 days after the raid, RFCP would declare war on the Romans.


The war began on February 19th, 2020, after several Roman-pinned attacks on RFCP events.

First movements (February 19th - February 20th)

The first days began with controversy and feuding between both members of the armies. The Romans claimed the war would not be fair as RFCP runs the league it was hosted on, Club Penguin Warfare. However, CPW claimed there was no bias present. A post by Prior was released on the RFCP site regarding the war and formally naming it the "Brutisan War". RFCP tried to pressure Romans to capture a territory so the war could go on, but the Romans would not comply. RFCP called the Romans "cowards", however the Romans would deny these claims. RFCP decided to give up a piece of land to kick-start the war. They then scheduled an invasion for that territory for Friday, February 21st. The Romans merged with the Team Yellow Army, creating high expectations for Romans' max. RFCP's max was expected to not reach above 15, after several events prior having sizes of 4 - 12.

First battle, and the last battle (February 21st)

The Romans, now with Darklink as a leader alongside the Team Yellow Army now within it's army set out to defend the server, Baskin Robbins. RFCP was criticized for dirty play, by not giving the rooms before the battle, instead, giving them a day before and not reposting. The battle saw Romans reach the size of 19, and RFCP reach 36. The battle was declared a RFCP victory, after the debate following the half hour long battle. However, Romans claimed RFCP's size was faked and multilogged, or used allies. Investigations after this battle confirmed that there was a usage of allies, from PCP and PZF. The multilog accusations are currently disputed.

End of the war

After this, the Romans isolated themselves from CPW. Due to the merge with TYA, the Romans were given loads of land in CPW. RFCP would then take the lands one by one, and the Romans would not defend. The war would end on March 3rd, 2020.


After the war, RFCP received more intense hate against the army for their actions in the war. This included forms of targeted harassment against their members and high command. The Romans would close in April, after a lengthy war with ACP.

Controversy regarding the victor

The status of victor is currently disputed. Both sides claim victory as Romans claim their usage of allies and "unrealistic size increase" (attributed to possible mulitlogging) declares an auto-victory to Romans, as both break the rules of the war and CPW. RFCP claims that they did not use allies and the accusation of multilogging is false. This would not be the only accusation of multilogging against RFCP, as ever since the war, their size has come into question, as RFCP "failed to properly denounce the multilogging accusations". They also saw a big size decrease throughout the the war after the first battle. Many more battles still have multilog accusations thrown at them, due to the "unrealistic size increase". The war is seen as disputed, with some claiming it is a RFCP de jure victory and Roman de facto victory.

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