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Secret Service - Veteran|title1=BULL HOUR}}
Secret Service - Veteran|title1=BULL HOUR}}
'''<u><big>Armies Affiliatied [2012-17]</big></u>'''
'''<u><big>Armies Affiliated [2012-17]</big></u>'''
[[Tiger Warriors]] – Leader/ Creator
[[Tiger Warriors]] – Leader/ Creator

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Bull Hour is the Creator and Leader of Tiger Warriors. They joined Club Penguin Armies from 2012 and have lead many S/M Armies and have served as HCOM & Staff in many major armies.

Armies Affiliated [2012-17]

Tiger Warriors – Leader/ Creator

Federation Fear Republic – Ausia Leader

Nacho – Xat Mod

Hawks - 2ic

United Red Army - Leader

Dettol Warriors- Leader & Legend

RPF - 4ic

Green Mercenaries - 2ic

Smart Penguins – 2ic

CP Clan – Leader

Golds - 3ic

Light Workers - Leader

Armies Affiliated CPPS Era

Secret Service

Penguin Agency

Smart Penguins

Tiger Warriors