CPC-Roman War
Date January 29th.2018 - January 30th, 2018
Result Disbanding of the Club Penguin Crew, formation of the Club Penguin Crew Empire
Casus belli Fun
Club Penguin Crew, Club Penguin Crew Empire (Indirectly) Romans
Thomas, Security Twitchy543, Ulysses Nardo, Ray
~16 ~15
The whole army, and a few servers None
The army was rigged

The CPC-Roman War was a war between the Romans and the Club Penguin Crew.

The War


The war was caused after a Roman Legate stepped down and the war went into inactivity, Twitchy543 declared the war.


It started out in the favor of the Crew, but after Security got the army banned, blackmailed his way in, etc, the army fell and the Romans became the clear victors.


The Club Penguin Crew Empire was formed, the CPC disbanded, and all CPC soldiers denying entering in the hands of the traitor, Aru and Security, they went to the Romans. This including Zeke and Cobra.

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