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CPE (Club Penguin Empire) is an army on Club Penguin. The are also sometimes called the Republic of Club Penguin. It currently has only a few members since they started only recently. CPE was created by Manafred on January 25th, 2009. They are recruting members.

Manafred's announcement

The Emperor Manafred's announcement on the day of the creation:

"I here by announce, the new era. An era of peace and honor. Though, for some armies, an era of raw power and conquer. I will rest assured, that today's announcement won't hurt you, scare you, or stop you from doing anything you want to. Today, my friends, IS THE NEW ERA OF THE FURTHER CREATION OF THE NEW... CLUB PENGUIN EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!"


See CPE (Club Penguin Empire)/Informal.

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