The Club Penguin United Nations or, CPUN for short, was created by Mr Deedledoo.

The CPUN is a community or organization that plans to give a voice to any army or nation in Club Penguin who joins it. Mr Deedledoo used to lead a non member army and when he realized that no one listens to non member armies, he decided to make an alliance of non member armies so that they could all share their emotions and ideas. "There are many little CP armies around the world that have the greatest ideas, and only the CPUN community has heard the best ideas by listening to their members.".

Early Beginning

Mr Deedledoo and his army, the de-funct, Navy, decided to create an organization where they'd be able to meet others like them. Dee, imagined having a big gathering of armies and sharing ideas. He wanted to share his ideas as much as anyone else did. So he created the 'prototype' of the CPUN which was named, the World Wild Army Negotiation Center or WWANC.

A day after the creation, Dee remember the United Nations. He closed down the site and created the official Club Penguin United Nations.


Armies started joining the CPUN, early ones such as The Water Warriors lead by Loustania and Pachydino, the Club Penguin Rangers lead by Ktman, and the Red Raiders which was then lead by UMA former leader Itach6Dark.

All members had to fill in a form:

  • Name:
  • Leader:
  • Abbreviation:
  • Government type:
  • Date joined:
  • Representative on the General Assembly:
  • Representative on the Security council:
  • Site:

They would submit the form as a comment and the Editors of the site would place them in the Members Page of the website.

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