The CP Army World is the world of armies in Club Penguin. Armies control their own  servers, battle each other for servers, and have complicated systems. The CP Army World isn't known to actually the majority of players in CP, due to the fact that Club Penguin does not support warfare. The CP Army World started when armies started, and when things got more advanced.


The first sign of the CP Army World was during the CP's first World War. WWI was ran by ancient, and first armies of Club Penguin: the Colored Armies. The Colored Armies were large group of penguins that would support their favorite color by wearing it. These Colored Armies would fight a lot, and really started the CP Army World. Red was a very advanced colored army. They had a leader, Korn####, and were very powerful. They dominated many armies, and ruled a lot. However, they soon vanished with the other colored armies, as normal armies took over. The next big thing was the Club Penguin Pirates. The CPP became very popular, and went around having battles with many other armies.


The CP Army World is a large community of armies, the majority being tiny armies like Wizards of CP. However, there is some control over the Army World. Large armies, like ACP, are feared by many armies (well, maybe not the Nachos). Large armies seem to have more control over the Army World, and do a lot more than smaller armies.

The government really works on how army leaders react to a situation. During Da Purple War large armies made an alliance, called the Pink Alliance, to defeat the Purple Republic. The Purple Republic won a decisive victory against the Pink Alliance (Fags) and Pepe The Frog took power in nacho territory as Führer and Adolf Hitler as Vice Führer. All in all there is only one government in the CP Army World, The Purple Republic. And if there were more, the Army World could be a miserable place.


Many bloggers, and army generals have created maps of the CP Army World. These maps are interesting to some people, but are actually useless except for amusing yourself.

Here are some drawn maps:


  • There are rumors that Club Penguin tries to stop armies' recruiting sessions.

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