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Hello! It's Allisonmarie and i'm starting a mystic army! Be mystic different and awesome!

Wanna join?

Go to and read what is posted. Please consider doing so.


Yeah there is a slight one. LOOK MYSTIC. Only applies when at war or in the base. You don't have to have armor like I do. I just like it. We're mystic, so there are force fields and stuff.

Non-member wearing their version of the uniform

Where's the base?

The base is my igloo. It's locked so only Mystic Army recruits can go in. Sometimes it's my house, lol. If it's unlocked it's time for a meeting. SO check when I log on.

Who the heck are we?

Good question. We're an army like the official club penguin army but not so official. We are more for... Being random, awesome, and mystic. People like I and Mangopop have mastered the art of the Mystic Army.

What are you waiting for?

Post, post, post. We're all friends here. Let's hang out and have some wars and stuff. So, yeah. Join today!

Latest activity

Created on July 7th 2014 

We exist! Yay!

Base created on July 7th 2014

First day of existence ended. No recruits yet.


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