Hi, this article is to cover which categories to use when there is more than one obvious choice.

For instance, you may have noticed there is an 'army' category and an 'armies' category. So which one do you use?

The most notable examples are listed here:

  1. 'Legend' vs 'Legends'- Use the 'Legend' category.
  2. Army leader vs Army Leader- Use 'Army leaders', with a lower case l not an upper case.
  3. 'Army' vs 'Armies'- Use 'Armies.'
  4. 'Club Penguin' vs 'club penguin'- Use 'Club Penguin.'
  5. RPF vs Rebel Penguin Federation- Use EGCP.
  6. EGCP vs Elite Guardians.... - Use EGCP.

If there are any other issues on which one to use, look at the one with the most uses and use that one or contact an admin. Thanks!  

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