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Club Penguin Army Wiki

This official site wiki article is a guide on how to properly insert categories and how to use them. This is a living document and will be frequently updated to meet any inquiries. Contact an staff member if you have any inquiries.

Categories are helpful with finding multiple articles related to same topic. For example, an category is helpful for finding any conflicts. However, sometimes people misuse categories correctly. This will help teach any wiki editors on how to use categories the right way.

Should you find a category that isn’t correct, make sure to change all of its pages to the correct category and edit out the old category via the source code. Make sure to help out our staff members, editors!

1. Army Categories

  1. ‘Rebel Penguin Federation’ or ‘RPF’ — RPF;
  2. ‘Elite Guardians of Club Penguin’ or ‘EGCP’ — EGCP;
  3. ‘Army of Club Penguin’ or ‘ACP’ — ACP;
  4. ‘Team Chaos’ or ‘Chaos’ — Chaos;
  5. ‘Ice Warriors’ or ‘IW’ — IW;
  6. ‘Templars’ or ‘TCP’ — Templars;
  7. ‘Romans’ or ‘CPR’ — Romans;
  8. ‘Recon Federation of Club Penguin’ or ‘RFCP’ — RFCP.

Make sure to shorten long army names to only the abbreviation. If it’s only an one-word name like Templars and Romans, only put their one-word names. Not their first letter along with ‘Club Penguin’. Also make sure to capitalize the abbreviations in the category names. That means ‘RFCP’ and not ‘Rfcp’.

2. Organization Categories

  1. ‘Club Penguin Army Central’ or ‘CPAC’ — CPAC;
  2. ‘Small Medium Army Press’ or ‘SMAP’ — SMAP;
  3. ‘Club Penguin Army Syndicate’ or ‘CPAS’ — CPAS;
  4. ‘Daily Small Medium Army News’ or ‘DSMAN’ — DSMAN;
  5. ‘Club Penguin Online Army League’ or ‘CPOAL’ — CPOAL;
  6. ‘Club Penguin Army Hub’ or ‘CPAH’ — CPAH.

Same logic as previously. Make sure to shorten it and capitalize the abbreviations. That means ‘CPAC’ and not ‘Cpac’. Also make sure not to do the names like ‘CP Army Hub’. Make sure to do ‘CPAH’.

3. Other Categories

  1. ‘Army’ or ‘Armies’ — Armies;
  2. ‘Stub’ or ‘Stubs’ — Stubs;
  3. ‘Club Penguin’ or ‘club penguin’ — Club Penguin;
  4. ‘Legend’ or ‘Legends’ — Legends;
  5. ‘Army Leaders’ or ‘Army leaders’ — Army leaders;
  6. ‘Site maintenance’ or ‘Site Maintenance’ — Site maintenance.

Make sure they are plural. Any other words in a name should not have their first letters capitalized. Only exceptions is Club Penguin which is a trademarked real-life game with that styling. Same rule for CPPS. Also, make sure not to do ‘CP’ instead of ‘Club Penguin’.

4. Person Categories

No categories are to be made surrounding one specific person. That means no categories around Cobra, Twitchy543, Koloway, Pookie437, and others. If you spot a category around one person, let a staff member know.