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Chaos Army of Club Penguin, commonly shortened to Chaos, is one of the many Club Penguin Armies. Chaos came into being on 25th June 2012 under the leadership of Sapper and Hyper Sonic.

Through out it's history, Chaos Army has had various ups and downs. The army has also had various generations till 2016. After Club Penguin's shutdown, Chaos Army started operating on one of the popular CP Private Servers, Club Penguin Rewritten.


The Chaos Army was founded in late June 2012. Out of the two creators, Sapper spent considerably more time trying to further the army's development, whilst Hyper Sonic focused on another army.

Sapper would eventually recruit user 32op, a high ranking member of Doritos, who used their position to recruit other Doritos members into Chaos.

At the same time, Sirlord1 became Chaos' third leader. Later, Unknown joined as a leader by-election. Despite somewhat smooth beginnings, things started to go downhill.

In September 2012, Sapper unexpectedly went inactive. No events took place and members started leaving to join other armies.

With only Unknown and 32op left as leaders, things looked grim. Unknown eventually threatened the closure of Chaos if things didn't pick up, but this was halted when Sapper returned briefly to ask Unknown to take charge.

Eventually, Chaos troop Mr Burns, Unknown agreed to continue leading Chaos, however, 32op decided to leave Chaos for another army. Thankfully, Sapper was able to return shortly after, and the leadership was soon joined by the experienced Belal.

Recruitment soared, largely thanks to two particular members, Dae Mastier and The Boy. At the same point of time, Smashsmac also joined the leadership. As the months passed, Chaos was faced with stronger enemies.  Many learnt not to challenge Chaos, but this success eventually faded when Chaos lost a war against CP's Fusion Army.

Chaos began to fall apart and in December 2012, Unknown left Chaos. However, Dae worked to keep the army going despite the difficulties, reaching only twelve troops. The CP Fusions war ended after the opposing army suffered a website deface.

After Smashsmac retired, Madison joined the leadership team. However, he too later became inactive and retired too. 78562cool would then get added to the leadership after merging Secret Alliance Warriors into Chaos Army.

Winter break brought one of Chaos' biggest problems. Sapper left for a 3 day vacation and the army almost died in his absence. New Year's Eve became a defining moment for Chaos.

The following extract is taken from their website:

"On New Year’s Eve, we went on Club Penguin for a practice battle against the rapidly rising Dark Defenders.  We amazing maxed 17 destroying the Dark Defenders who maxed a bad 6. Chaos decided to call this leadership of Master, Orange, Sapper, and Mr Burns MOBS and called this the first golden age of Chaos. Once more we logged onto to CP for an unscheduled and we maxed 18 with 22 on chat. The month of January was Chaos’s best and most consistent month, making it onto the top 15 every week."

Unfortunately, this success did not last. February 2013 saw Pretzels, an army twice the size of Chaos at the time, declare war. Thankfully, for Chaos, a treaty was agreed on. Positive sizes began to emerge again when Light Troops decided to invade Snow Board, Chaos' capital. LT maxed 25 to Chaos' 6. The leadership fell apart.

Dae Mastier threatened to coup Sapper. All four leaders had a huge fight over the leadership which was ultimately solved by ex-leader Unknown. The next night, the arguing got worse. Mr Burns kept teasing Sapper, greatly annoying Sapper and ultimately, Sapper retired from Chaos, followed by Orange and Burns.

March was not an easy month either, with maxes of 8 at best. Thankfully, Sapper decided to return as leader, with Orange and Unknown rejoining Chaos as 3rd in commands. Sizes began to increase to 12. 

April 2013 saw the MOBS leadership of New Years Eve glory return, entering and winning three wars, but Chaos began to develop a very negative reputation. Romans declared war on the army and won, though Chaos was able to survive through another treaty. Dae Mastier, Burns and Orange would all retire shortly after.

With missing leaders, Owlcity, Pewdie/Glitch and ex-leader 32op all entered Chaos leadership with Sapper. May saw maxes of 10 and eventually, 32op was fired and Owl stepped down to LIT [presumably Leader In Training]. May saw many leaders come and go but of note was Micro, who led Chaos with Owlcity to sizes of 20 and over. Micro would sadly retire at the beginning of June.

The start of June saw Owl, Dom and Da Main Cat [DMC] as leaders. Sapper returned shortly after as leader, DMC stepped down to LIT. Sizes increased to 15, Dom quit Chaos for SWAT and Orange returned as leader. Chaos declared war on Water Ninjas and Dom returned to Chaos at the start of the war. Sizes up to 26, Chaos eventually made a peace treaty with WN. However, shortly after this, Dom was fired for now unknown reasons. July saw the addition of Badboy and Taco as leaders, but the new leaders joined with malicious intent. With Dom, they deleted the Chaos website and hacked the xat chat. Sapper was able to solve both problems, but the damage was done. In retaliation, Chaos attacked Black Rebels, the army the two led.

The first battle was fought to a huge win with a max of 20. An unplanned event saw ex-leader and Chaos legend Belal return and the addition of Ben as leaders both. Black Rebels won the next war and Belal sorted a treaty between the two armies, ending the war. Ben left the army and Chaos began to drop again. DMC rejoined at some point in this period as leader. They joined the Legend Cup, winning the 1st round albeit with a lower max. The 2nd round was against the historic Ice Warriors. An IW win was expected, but Chaos unexpectedly won the battle 3-1 with a max of 19 and averaging 15-16. Leadership for the battle was Belal, Sapper, Orange and DMC.

The next round saw a 3 way battle with the IW, Dark Warriors which saw the placement of 2nd and a loss in the redemption round against Army Republic. Next, Chaos would join forces with the newly formed Soda Pop Army to declare a war against the Brute Alliance, a group formed especially to destroy the new army. However, the war would later be called off. 

After a sudden growth, Chaos met a sudden fall. The leaders became more focussed on other games and were inactive. August saw Owl and Orange trying to keep the army afloat and towards the end of August, Belal was fired by Sapper for "disrespecting him." Belal went on to delete the Chaos site and take over the xat chat. Owl was able to retrieve the chat, but again, the damage was done. Many expected the army to fall.

Dom returned to try and build up the army, but this wouldn't last. 32op would also make another return but was inactive.

September did not bring happier times. School caused further inactivity amongst all members, DMC retired to focus on real life. 78562cool made a brief return before retiring again for RPF. Chaos continued to maintain sizes of 10+, entered a war with Rock & Rollers that helped build Chaos' land from just 3 servers.

Suddenly, rebellion struck Chaos. The majority of the army [led by Whats Up11, Owlcity and Kreatos, LS leader] agreed to coup Sapper [the creator of the army in the first place]. Whats Up11 was promoted to leader in the process along with Gator.

Sometime later, Sapper returned to the Xat chat. Whats Up11 trash-talked Sapper and Sapper, enraged, reset the chat. The chat was reset a further three times, by an advisor, Sapper again and eventually by Orange, all within an hour. Eventually, it resulted in Whats Up11 and Domz getting couped as well, and a new leadership was decided as Orange, Unk, Owl, Gator and DMC [now going as Sinister]. Chaos tied 11th place in CPAC the next day.

The next week was not a good one. Events were not positive., a PB with WLW, though thankfully this was to a win, maxing 10 to WLW's 5. Because of this, they disappeared from the CPAC ranking and placed only 10th with SMAC . Tuesday saw maxes of 8 and average of 7 at a training session, and ultimately Gator, Unknown and Owl agreed to bring Sapper back as leader, and on November 13th 2013, a recruiting session with the restored leader maxed an extraordinary 22 and average of 15-17.

Owl and Gator retired soon after this and Whats up11 rejoined leadership. Chaos declared war on DK, which was won with 3 wins and 1 draw.

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Then soon Owl decided to recreate Sun Squad, which then half of our troops went to join. Chaos then entered a down time. They didn’t even max 8. There was an alliance made to kill DK that Chaos was in, but that only lasted about two days. During their down time, Whats Up11 was fired and Gator decided to quit all armies and return to Chaos.

In December 2013 Chaos started slow and weak. Maxing sizes 5-6 at events but Gator and Owl have returned to Chaos. They started to regain size by maxing 10-11 at events. Unk soon retired because of personal problems. Unk soon returned after disguising himself as a recruit called CookieChip to see what would happen to Chaos without him. When Unk came to chat, he said to Sapper to make changes to Chaos or a civil war would break out. The next day Sapper decides to make Gator and Owl leader again.

After that Chaos started maxing 10+. On December 26, 2013, Chaos maxed 17 with rouges on a successful recruiting session. A lot of Chaos’s owner’s went inactive though. But Chaos did get 14th on CPAC Top Fifteen the previous week. They were starting to grow. On December 28th, 2013, two things happened. Chaos maxed 6 at a practice battle. It was terrible and embarrassing. Also Orange, legend/3rd best leader chaos ever had, had retired and moved on to a different army. Part of Orange’s retirement post:

After all those bad events and retirement, Chaos suddenly got back on it’s feet. On 12/29/13 Chaos maxed 13 and averaged 10 which was very good for them after all that stuff that happened to them. Then on 12/30/13 Chaos maxed 14 and averaged 12 with really good tactics. Chaos was on the rise. Now the beginning of 2014 comes after the Winter Break. In-activity strikes. More and more Chaos troops are being taken away from in-activeness and then slowly Chaos falls. They have been doing less events than usual. Falling on the SMAC top ten. It was beginning to be a disaster. They ended up loosing their first round of a SMAC tourney against the noobiest army in the tournament. Red Troops. It was all a fail on 1/12/13 we maxed 7 and had the worst tactics ever… The very same day we fired a leader. Totidile. He was very bad and didn’t do much for Chaos. He used an excuse of leaving xat and retiring all CP Armies, which he did do.. On January 10th 2014, Son Nav was given leadership. Just days ago an army called the Ice Hounds have given a complete merge into the Chaos Army, thus giving Chaos more strength. Chaos was falling a few weeks after, we were going to rebuild until an army called Water Ninjas an army we formed an alliance with declared war on us. They were inactive like us too, they said it would be a friendly war to get each armies active. We were winning the war, they did not show the first three battles and winded up in a cease-fire. This war indeed helped us get active, before they declared war (after Son Nav got leader) everyone started to be inactive and we averaged 5+ but this war helped us average 7-8+ troops on Club Penguin, and many people in the army actually started to recruit. We got a UK division but sadly the UK leader retired. Until Brigade3 and Carbon were hired. After the new UK leaders were hired, they went straight to work! Having events well planned maxing 8+. This was our actual first UK division. After their first week of work, Carbon’s computer broke. Having left Brigade in charge, He wasn’t doing well on his own. He then retired after leaving for the Army Republic. Which made our UK fall inactive, luckily Spring break hit for the creator, Sapper. He then brings the UK force back into activity for only one week. After Sapper’s Spring Break, The UK force falls back down. Two weeks later…Wyoskyguy comes out of retirement to lead us. He brought us out of our big downfall in the US division. We began maxing 9+ and only averaging 7. After a good week of events, Wyoskyguy had to retire because of his grade drop in school. During the next week, The Ice Hounds died and their leader, Son Nav decided to re-merge them back into us.

Sapper went on a one week leave. Gator and Owl both returned as leader to help Chaos rise. Gator later retired to be owner in the Army Republic. Color50 war promoted to Chaos leader the next day. Chaos faced Redemption Force in CPAC’s Spring Smackdown and maxed astounding sizes of 15. Sapper then returned from his break.

Tony was pissing Sapper off so he declared war. Gator lead the first event, a defense of Winterland, and he ends the war with SPA. Sapper rages at Gator, re-declares war, and kicks SPA’s rearend in an astonishing 6-0, where SPA then surrendered and gave us the remnants of their land.

After the SPA war, former Chaos leader Wyoskyguy leaves the Golds Army and returns to Chaos, and gets right to work. Orange, another former Chaos Leader, also returns that week and at their first event, the Chaos Army maxes 17 and jumps 10 spots on the SMAC & SMAP top ten. That next week, Chaos falls 2 spots due to an alliance war. That next week, they retain SMAC #1, maxing sizes of 20+. The next week, the Chaos Army declares war on the Redemption Force, and after one event, SWAT declares war on Chaos because the Chaos Army was being “bullies” to other armies. (AKA one army because we only declared war on Redemption Force, for very legit reasons, mind you – and not even because we didn’t like RF.) At SWAT’s first invasion, the Chaos Army maxed 30, while SWAT only maxed 20ish. SWAT refused to admit defeat, like usual, even though the Army Community sides with Chaos. The war with SWAT ended in less than a week. Wyoskyguy and Orange the ones to surrender.

After the war with SWAT, Chaos fell a little bit. After the fall Owl retired, and Wyoskyguy retired on the same day. I (Sapper) was very disappointed in them. Both Retirement posts-



With only Sapper and Orange the only leaders left. While Orange is a bit inactive. Just a day later our aus leader decided to hold an amazing unscheduled Aus u-lead. We maxed 13! with some nice decent tactics. (I know to you guys it’s not an accomplishment but it is for an aus. )  Just two days after Wyoskyguys retirement he comes back! During the same day, Orange leaves.. This was a surprise we did not see coming. About a week after Wyoskyguy retires again! Leaving Sapper as the only leader. Sapper not knowing what all to do, he has gotten a bit inactive too. Only because of real life stuff that has been going on. Sapper then reacted as fast as he could and promoted Yoangelyo. With the new duo leadership, we thought that we were going to go on and do well. But nope, It turns out that Yoangelyo is inactive too. With both leaders being inactive, the owners had to take charge. A week after all of this, Owlcity207 decides to rejoin. She rejoins for 2nd in command, not wanting to lead but at least help us in a way. After all those weeks of terror, Sapper returns from inactivity.

With a new month starting, we begin to get straight back to work. We were still facing small sizes, but with Sapper’s plan, our sizes began to rise slowly every day once again! By the end of the first and second weeks of August, we have amazing tactics and new, larger sizes everyday! Even though we rose, Owl wanted to lead one last time. By late August-Early September Owl got leader again and we began to rise a bit more.

During the “September Sadness”, the Vikings and Teutons declared war on us, making it a two verses one war. It ended in a tied treaty; neither army won. After war, we did the usual training. By the end of September, we made it to CPAC as number 10.

October wasn’t a very packed month for Chaos. Not many things happened during this month but the usual training sessions and a few practice battles here and there. We later then entered the Champions Cup for CPAC. We were not prepared for this tournament, so we first lost to RPF and then the Pirates. In the middle of the month, we entered the SM Army Press Halloween Bash. In our first round, we battled our “rivals,” the Purple Heads, and we won maxing 14.

With the SMAP Tournament leading into November, we started the month off having a battle with LGA. We won that round maxing 18. After the battle, we scheduled a PB with LGA and we had an auto-win. Few days later, we received word that LGA had declared war on Teutons, now an ally of Chaos. Teutons were also at war with LT, meaning they were too busy to be battling LGA. Chaos decided to declare war on LGA because of this. We then finished out the war going undefeated 6-0. LGA was also declared dead after a merge with LT.

Continuing on with the SMAP tournament, the next round wasn’t much but an auto win. The other army, Vikings, had died. We then moved to the final round. We were against the Light Troops, who were 2nd in CPAC at the time and we were 9th. We miraculously won the tournament, battling a top 3 contestant in CPAC. We maxed 25 and for the rest of the week we maxed 15+. All of that hard-worked paid off and got us 7th in CPAC. So far all of this month we had been in CPAC, our rankings were 7th, 8th and 9th.You notice us falling down? Not for long. This month may be marking our new and bestGolden Age so far.

Chaos did ended up falling big time during Christmas Break. Then on December 28th, 2014, Orange got the Chaos Council to decide that Sapper and Flame needed to go in order to make this army rise again. So they got couped and Orange promoted Gator, Charizard Rules (CR), and Blueink as Chaos’ new leaders. After that event Orange had retired and then unexpectedly was offered SWAT leader. Gator, CR, and Blueink hoped to get Chaos back to CPAC top ten.

But on January 1st, 2015, the Chaos leaders, CR, Gator, and Blueink decided to join The Grand Alliance against The Resistance in World War VII. Under this leadership, Chaos was able to top the SMAP top ten for a few weeks, but then began to fall again. Blueink and Gator both left Chaos. A few days later, Sky, Owl, and Orange all joined Chaos for leader along with Game and Apollo.

This new era was promising and Chaos did reach CPAC top ten once again. But once again, all the new leaders retired to go on to something else. For the next couples of months, Chaos would be maxing 5-7 under Flame and Cr. 32op returned to Chaos after 2 years of being in other armies. 32op, Flame, and Cr was able to lead Chaos to sizes of 13+. But once again 32op and Flame both left Chaos.

Chaos in February 2016

When Summer began, Chaos was in a really bad position. Gator, Owl, and Apollo all tried bringing Chaos into it’s former state but they couldn’t. And then on June 16th, 2015 Orange rejoined Chaos. along with getting new leaders JD, Dom, and Shadow. The first event with this new era Chaos maxed 10 and the future looked promising. About two weeks later, Orange’s computer broke so he was forced into retirement.

Dom, JD, and Shadow all left again, but Owl came back again for the last time to lead Chaos. Once again the army began rising again maxing round 13+. But after going inactive, Owl decided to leave armies completely. This led to 123go, Hiku, and Jon leading along with Cr.

123go proved to be the only leader capable of leading events without Owl, Sapper, or Orange. Once again, chaos began looking promising again. But then Jon and Hiku both left. The army slowly began going inactive but 123go and David refused to let the army die. They had events no matter what chat size.

Finally, on August 21st, 2015 Chaos was shut down by Owl. As she stated “it was delayed for too long”. This shocked the community because Chaos was one of the longest living armies. 123go was given legend for his hard work on keeping the army alive.[ 1]



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