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Chelpopkick is a retired S/M legend, who was most notable for founding and being the first leader of the influential CPPS S/M army, the Pizza Federation. Chelpopkick is regarded as one of the best S/M leaders in recent history, despite not achieving high sizes. He led PZF through two victorious wars, and went onto become the main guardian of the army until his leave in 2020. He also took part in a few other armies in his time, most notably being the Nova Phoenix Corps and the Templars.


Pre-PZF (January - March 2018)

Chelpopkick created his original penguin in 2007 and joined in on many rouge armies (the biggest one being The Trees), but he did not join a real army until early 2018. He first joined the Pizza Bois, a growing army on CPR in early 2018. But when CPR announced that they were closing. Penguidae, the leader of the Pizza Bois said that they would survive and go to another CPPS. This did not happen and the army failed

Founding and leadership of the Pizza Federation (April - August 2018)

On April 30th, 2018, Chelpopkick helped make the Pizza Boi Rebellion, later renamed The Pizza Federation. He was elected two day's later on May 2nd, 2018 as the first leader of the Pizza Federation, and the second leader of the Pizza legacy. He would lead the army during dark times such as The Great Pizza War, a war fought using 2007 cpa tactics. But because the Pizza Bois didn't use many tactics, Chelpopkick was left in the dark with many modern cpa war tactics. This was until SavageCobra became head advisor of the federation and mentor to Chelpopkick. Chelpopkick and Cobra then both became leaders and trusted members of The Red Dawn Alliance, and helped win World War VII. On August 1st, Chlpopkick announced that he would be leaving the Pizza Federation.

Other service (2018 - 2019)

Chelpopkick continued to have a minor career throughout 2018 and 2019.

Service in the Nova Phoenix Corps (August 2018)

After leaving the Pizza Federation, Chelpopkick joined the Nova Phoenix Corps. He was given the role of third in command, and he even served as leader for a while, before leaving.

Templars and Trojans (October 2018)

In October of 2018, Chelpopkick was made leader of the Templars with Xing and SavageCobra. He would leave them though in order to work on other projects. While leading there he helped set up the next generation of the army and helped max 20 for every event along with Xing. Soon after leaving Templars, Chelpopkick would announce his brand new army the Trojans, a spin off of the Romans, and became its first leader. He would soon leave though, and the army would die under its new leader.

Club Penguin Crew (February - March 2019)

In Feb 2019, Cobra asked Chelpopkick to help revive the Club Penguin Crew, and he accepted. He helped revived it and set the entire army up before officially retiring in March 2019. During his reign he would declare war on Templars for declaring war on their ally, PZF.

Retirement (March 2019 - summer 2020)

In early March, Chelpopkick announced his retirement from the community. He gave up guardian ownership of the Pizza Federation to Cobra and left. He was nominated to be a major legend in March 2019, but did not get the title. He returned occasionally to re-own the Pizza Federation, before leaving formally by late 2020.


Chelpopkick is considered one of the most dedicated and better S/M leaders of recent times, despite not achieving large sizes in his time. His work got him nominated to be a 2018 major legend in March 2019, but he did not win. However, his work was finally recognized community-wide in September 2020, where he was inducted as a 2018 S/M legend.

Honorary Titles and Awards

  • Pizza Federation Legend (July 2018)
  • 2018 S/M Legend (September 2020)