Chip was the former leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation.


He first encountered CP armies when he was linked a chatbox to the Army Republic. While he didn't join, it showed him what armies were like and he later joined the Water Vikings in 2015 as a fifth in command, and he quickly rose to become a second in command for a long period before eventually reaching leader. He was one of the most dedicated troops in the Water Vikings and because of this, he was instantly promoted to third in command when he joined the RPF in late 2015. He later rose to leader, and was a second in command when he eventually retired due to it getting boring and too filled with drama. rejoined again as second in command and rose back to leader before retiring for a second time. After the death of Club Penguin he found RPF again and rejoined as a leader before retiring for the third time, but eventually he rejoined as a second in command. When Left went on leave, Chip rose up to become a leader alongside Popsiclebeak. It is unknown whether or not he will stay as leader when Left rejoins.

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