Clemont4 is a controversial figure of Club Penguin, one of the main people of the Anti-Army Society and Anti-RPF belief. He served as the leader of the Dark Knight Empire until he was removed from power after joining Security.

Career and Story

Clemont was considered a Tuba in 2017. He would organize a group. He would later on join the Dark Knight Empire. He would get promoted to the Second in Command by late November. He eventually turned on DKE and made claims to the Romans and joined them under a new alt, known as Zane. He would later use that account to join the crew. He would help revive the Dark Knight Empire in February, and became the Emperor. He would leave to become a Second in Command in the CPCE. He would later return to the Romans as a Third in Command and then leave. He would completely leave the community in June 2018. In July 9th, 2018 Clemont joined the Templars as the Fourth in Command. On January 15th, 2018 he would disappear from the community again.

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