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Clemont4, referred to as Clemont, is a retired figure of armies. He was best known for being one of main figures of the anti-RPF movement of late 2017 and early 2018. He is also known for his short term leadership within the Dark Knight Empire, before being couped after being deemed a traitor.


Clemont's career was short but notable for the time. Despite the amounts of hate he received, he became relatively notable.

Early career (2017)

Clemont first had his stint with armies as a Tuba in late 2017 after organizing a group of Tubas. He would later on join the Dark Knight Empire, being promoted to the Second in Command by late November. He eventually turned on DKE and made claims to the Romans and joined them under a new alt, known as Zane. This would cause the War of Roman Subjugation, which would end up collapsing the Dark Knights not too long after the end of the war. Clemont would use his Zane account to temporarily join the Club Penguin Crew, but would leave soon after. He would remain on and off in the community during this time, but would serve in the Rebel Penguin Marines until January 2018.

Later career (2018)

He would help revive the Dark Knight Empire in February, and became the Emperor, alongside one of his original Dark Knight friends, Cobra. He faced controversy after skipping an event to protest the way Cobra ran the army. This would cause him to become a second-in-command in the Club Penguin Crew Empire, leading to being fired from the Dark Knights. This would then lead to him joining the Romans as a third-in-command, before leaving the community. He would not formally return (although he would occasionally pop in the community) until July 9th, 2018, where he would become a "Knight of Grace' (fourth-in-command) at the Templars, before leaving several times until finally leaving on January 15th, 2019.


Clemont has been largely criticized by many parties due to his personality and anti-RPF attitude. However, he was very well known for his large activity within the anti-RPF movement, where he would advocate daily for many anti-RPF principles. This would ultimately lead to World War VII in the summer of 2018, a war that Clemont saw only parts of.