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EDITOR'S NOTE: This page only covers the original Club Penguin Army Era [2006-2017]. Armies not from this period should be added to Club Penguin Private Server Armies.

Founded in early 2006, the Club Penguin Army community was a source of fun on the popular online game Club Penguin. Club Penguin Armies started out with Clans and then onto unified Armies. The community came to an end on 21st March 2017, after the closure Club Penguin. However, the community was soon succeeded by Club Penguin Private Server Armies.


Club Penguin Armies were formed in 2006 and in the early years, existed as different factions like “Team Red” and “Team Blue”. Soon, the community would evolve into "armies", some of the most popular in the first two years being the Army of Club Penguin, the Underground Mafias Army, and the Romans.

Up until the closure of the community, they operated on Club Penguin for battles and for discussion and battle orders. The community itself was divided into two sections:

  1. The Armies
  2. The Media

Apart from the armies, the community operated under leagues and media websites. One of the major media outlet in the community was the Club Penguin Army Central, which started its operation in 2009. While the major armies operated under the CP Army Central, two another organisations, namely Small Medium Army Press and the Small Medium Army Central consolidated the performance of Small-Medium armies.

Every media website delivered various types of content:

  • News: major news sites will report the newest and most important events that happen in CP armies. These may be battle reports, war news, leadership changes and much more.
  • Philosophy: major news sites will also write posts about various random topics that relate to CP armies. They are often big, wide-covering concepts, like leadership, ranks, methods of warfare and others.
  • Opinion: although these news sites are usually objective and unbiased (eg. they will not let their opinion influence their reporting), every once in a while they write editorials that give their opinion on a current issue.
  • Top tens: these form the most popular posts in any news site. Released once a week, top tens rank armies from 1 to 10 according to their size, power and influence.



The media section of Club Penguin Armies had inducted yearly Legends. These were people who has a major impact on the community by either working relentlessly for their army, or working in the welfare of the community in general. Moreover, every army inducted its own legends which could be found on their respective websites.

List of Club Penguin Armies

Major Armies

Major Club Penguin Armies were defined by their extra-ordinary ability to reach unmatched troop size during battles and tournaments.


Small / Medium Armies

Small / Medium armies are noted for their effort as starters, yet leaving an impact that could be felt.


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