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The Club Penguin Army was a proto-clan likely founded in 2005. This proto-clan was the first ever army-resembling group. It is likely misunderstood that the Army of Club Penguin or the Romans were the first armies, which is only partially true. There is zero recorded picture evidence of the Club Penguin Army's existence, however it has been documented in army posts and through word tradition.


The proto-clan was likely founded in 2005. This proto-clan had no specific founder or specific leaders. It was likely a rogue army that had very little organization. There may have been some minor organization during World War II, but very little is recorded of this time period.

World War II

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The Club Penguin Army is universally accepted to have been an active participator in World War II. It likely was phased out by the Romans and the Army of Club Penguin, as they grew to be the number one clans of the time.


The proto-clan likely fell by 2007 as most clans did. There has been likely many clans and armies named after this group formed afterwards, but none formally made under the 2005 tradition.


  • Some say that the Club Penguin Army was the first army in history, however this is only partially true, because it was the first army-resembling group, not the first real army
  • It is likely that the Club Penguin Army had a role in World War II, many take this as a fact
  • Club Penguin Army is the first group of any form in Club Penguin Warfare
  • It is also said the Club Penguin Army was created by Icy Fresh 2, only three days after ACP