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The Club Penguin Army Central was a website covering large Club Penguin Armies. CP Army Central hosted competitions and tournaments for the armies while covering News and Top Ten Armies like schemes.

The website is famed for their posts, and graphics.


CP Army Central's mission was literally in their name; to be a center for all Club Penguin Armies. They provided accurate information about all of the news around Club Penguin Armies, including wars, battles, and more, and give soldiers a place to comment and discuss the latest events with one another.

Along with news, CP Army Central also posted a number of discussion starting posts, about various topics related to Club Penguin Armies. In addition, they were responsible for hosting many of the large tournaments and events for various armies to participate in.

Since its creation in 2009, CPA Central has become a vital piece of Club Penguin Armies, and hopefully, it will be able to serve you too.

What You’ll Find:

Here are the different types of posts that you could see on the CPA Central homepage:

  • Army News: Our primary focus here at CPA Central is to inform our viewers of the latest Club Penguin Army News. That’s why you’ll find the majority of our posts focusing on the latest army battles and other information on wars, leadership changes, and other events. We work to make sure that we have the best reporters possible and make sure that we train them well so that they’ll post only the highest quality news. As a viewer, we want you to comment with your opinion on any of the latest news, and to discuss them with other viewers.
  • Philosophy and Editorials: Here at CPA Central, we like to start up discussion among the army community as much as possible. That’s why we first created The Column – a section of our site that provide posts offering a new perspective on major topics in Club Penguin warfare. To even further allow new and more interesting opinions, we actually allow YOU, the viewer, to write the posts! Just submit a post you have on the YouWrite page and it may be published on CPA Central! See the pageS for more guidelines. We also hire a few philosophers to work an official job on the site.
  • Top Ten Armies: Every week, CPA Central releases a new version of a feature we’ve become famous for: the Top Ten Armies. We take the time each week to rate each of the armies in Club Penguin and rank them using an in-depth Excel program implemented in September 2013. Although we claim no “official word” on our Top Ten Armies, many armies use them as an official ranking system, or at least as an outline of their current position. We encourage you to comment on the posts with your opinion. The Top Ten Armies are released every Sunday.
  • Tournaments: As we’ve made it one of our responsibilities in the army community to host tournaments that get armies together for fun and action, we reserved a category for our tournaments alone. We usually host around four tournaments every year, a giant tournament in the summer, a holiday tournament around Christmas time, and smaller tournaments during the spring and fall. Make sure to keep your eyes open for these tournaments, as they often involve almost all of the armies in Club Penguin.
  • Site News: Although we try to keep our posting limited only to the above topics, sometimes it’s necessary for us to make an announcement regarding the site itself about a major update or other such item. Please take the time to read these posts, as they’re often important.

Staff Hall of Fame:

*Indicates CP Army Legend

The following section is dedicated to the most important staff members of CPA Central, who have played a massive role in this great site:


Founder and creator of CPA Central. Revolutionized Club Penguin warfare with his all-new idea for the site. Created a large number of concepts that are still used to this day, including Top 10 Armies, the Army Resources, and the style of posting army news, to name a few. Was able to keep his head cool and save the site when it got hacked for the first time. Returned to CPA Central in April of 2011 to lead the site for a while, and retired once again in August. In 2012 returned for a short period of time to oversee a complete overhaul of the site, self-hosting it and creating various new features that led the site towards the future. Currently, as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Woton is actively a member of the CPA Central creative process, checking up with the CEO now-and-then to make sure everything is running smoothly.


Helped create the site along with Woton, and was the Secondary Head for a while before he retired. Helped maintain order and run the site for its first months of operation; he was also an active reporter, covering many important stories for the site during his time here. He returned to CPAC in 2012, working under the Bluesockwa Brothers, and was one of the most active reporters of that year. Alongside Joker, Puckley helped maintain quality and timely content at CPA Central when the upper administration was bogged down in self-hosting issues. While Puckley had to retire shortly after the end of the Summer to focus on the Nachos, he is still an active part of CPA Central as a Board Member.


Pringle64 was the longest serving member of CPA Central until the retirement of Sklooperis, in 2011. He designed graphics for CPA Central since the site’s inception, and set the precedent for armies’ best graphics designer displaying their work here at CPA Central. The role he played was much larger than that of graphics designer, however — Pringle acted as an administrator on CPAC for years, famously helping to prevent a defacing in 2011 and assisting administrations from Woton up until the Bluesockwa2/Kingfunks4 administration. He retired in July 2011.


Amitc87 is recognized as the original Secondary Head of CPAC alongside Puckley; he is famed for keeping the site active and interesting in its early days, and setting a precedent for the reporters that followed him. Following Woton’s first retirement from the site, he was part of a group that unofficially took over until he returned, naming Iasgae56 as his successor. Alongside Puckley and Godplayer123, Amitc87 dealt with Woton’s disappearance and did not let the site falter because of it. A few months following this, however, he retired, never officially becoming CEO of CPA Central.


Godplayer123, like Amit, was never officially CEO of CPA Central. He also held the rank of Secondary Head for a time, and he helped to run the site with Amit and Iasgae following Woton’s disappearance. He was long recognized as the third Head of Site, albeit unofficially, and is regarded for saving CPAC from a depression brought on by the retirement of some of its original founders, retiring after he picked the site back up. Eventually, Godplayer returned under Sklooperis in 2011, serving as Secondary Head alongside Bluesockwa2 until he left once again.


Second person to run CPA Central. He ran the site alone when Woton disappeared and Godplaya had retired, with only Sklooperis helping him as a temporary Secondary Head. Iasgae56 ran the site through the Legends Cup, which shattered all records held by tournaments before it, and solidified CPAC as a place to be for tournaments. He is remembered mostly for his sense of humor and good personality, as well as the efforts he made to innovate CPAC’s content, causing a rise in quality from the prior administration. The Legends Cup is now a staple of CPAC, with one held every summer, it is the biggest and most prestigious tournament in CP Armies.


Third person to run CPA Central, following the retirement of Iasgae56. Sklooperis innovated many of the pages that are taken for granted today, including the Legends Page and the Servers Page. Sklooperis served as head during CPAC’s second hack, and helped restore many of the posts that were lost. After he led the site to bounce back from the defacing early in his tenure, Skloop was greatly concerned in maintaining CPAC’s reputation, and the site garnered community-wide support during his tenure.  Sklooperis led CPAC into one of its most prosperous times, and also created a formula that was formerly used to make the Top Ten. He retired in February of 2011.


Fourth person to run CPA Central alongside Bluesockwa2, and later returned to run the site alongside Zakster. Funks was in CPAC for one year until he achieved Head of Site, and helped restore much of the site following the second hack. He ran the site with Blue2 for three weeks when Woton was on holiday before becoming the official Head of Site. Funks led CPAC through it’s most difficult time alongside Blue2. He retired in June of 2012, upon recieveing ACP 2ic, just before the final completion of the new site and the beginning of CPAC’s new generation. Funks created several of CPAC’s well known tournaments, including the Scary Showdown, Champions Cup, and Christmas Chaos. He returned to CPAC 4 months after retiring at the end of 2012. After a long term as Executive Producer, Kingfunks4 was promoted to CEO alongside Zakster following the retirement of the Bluesockwa Brothers, but retired soon after in March of 2015.


Fifth person to run CPA Central alongside Kingfunks4. Served as a staff member for more time than anyone in the site’s history, currently at 4 years. Originally a reporter under Ias, Bluesockwa2 became Secondary Head under Sklooperis and quickly rose to prominence. Helped restore much of the site following the 2nd hack. Was promoted to Head of Site with Kingfunks4 following Woton’s 2nd Retirement. Led the site through it’s most difficult time alongside Funks, when viewer dissatisfaction ran high and chaos was abundant. Eventually pulled the site through and helped to greatly modernize CPAC, bringing forth several new features and revolutionizing CPAC’s internal security program. Later, as his brother Bluesockwa1 filled the Co-Head spot, the two led the site through one of its most difficult times internally, where hacks and other threats ran high. He and Bluesockwa1 led CPAC into a completely new generation with a brand new site and software, and helped to bring CPAC back to prominence and into one of its most prosperous times. Bluesockwa2 retired one week after his brother, on October 19, 2014, bringing to a close an era of CP Army History remembered primarily for the dominance of the media, a process he had set in motion so long ago.


Sixth person to run CPA Central alongside his brother Blue2. He was in CPAC for almost one year, working under Woton, and later Kingfunks and Bluesockwa2. He helped keep CPAC active, and was quickly promoted to Secondary Head, where he remained for eight months until being promoted to Head of Site alongside Bluesockwa2. He led the site through one of its most difficult times internally, where hacks and other threats ran high. After this time of internal threats came to an end, he and Bluesockwa2 led CPA Central into a completely new generation, with a brand new site and software, and led the site through its most successful time in history, where views reached an all-time high. Of this time, in the words of Woton, CPAC’s community influence, outreach and popularity had never been higher. In the last year of his tenure as CEO, Bluesockwa1 was known for his wit, dedication to improvement, and crusade against the downfall of the community.  Bluesockwa1 retired on October 13, 2014, leaving CPA Central stronger than it ever was before, and gaining community-wide respect for his career achievements.


Seventh person to run CPA Central alongside Kingfunks4, and later Mach. He first became a part of CPAC in late 2010 as a reporter under Sklooperis. For the next two years, he was in CPAC on and off at times, until being hired as Chief of Staff in 2013, and moving up under the Bluesockwa Brothers. Following their retirement, he assumed CEO alongside Kingfunks4, who was succeeded by Mach after a few months. Alongside both of his partners, Zak put a great focus on innovating CPAC’s Top Ten Armies, tournaments, and retaining a strong reputation for the site. Despite a warfare community that was much less receptive to the intellectualism of his predecessors, Zakster demonstrated admirable leadership of the site, keeping it stable throughout a tumultuous year. He retired in February of 2016, leaving Gobby as the sole leader of CPAC.


Eighth person to run CPA Central alongside Zakster. He served as a satirist for the site since 2012, but became majorly involved in management of CPAWM’s subsidiaries in 2015, earning him CPAC CEO only five months after returning to the site. A charismatic leader and administrator, Mach was able to boost a faltering reputation at SMAP and later here at CPA Central. While his partner, Zak, managed the statistical facets of the site, Mach interacted with the community and his staff, introducing new columns that made CPA Central more interesting, exciting, and popular in the community. Despite Mach’s great vision, he too, like Zakster, fell victim to the changing community in which he led. Mach retired from CPAC CEO in January of 2016, being succeeded by Gobby, and returning to the CPAWM conglomerate as a close advisor of the Bluesockwa Brothers.

Albaro Lord

Albaro Lord served under every CPAC CEO in history until his retirement from Executive Producer under the Zakster and Mach era. After serving as an administrative assistant to Sklooperis and Iasgae56, and maintaining pages for Woton, Kingfunks4, and the Blue Brothers, Albaro took a greater role in the site when Zakster and Mach assumed the role of CPAC CEO. He greatly contributed to the site’s stabilizing after a drop in early 2015, and many who worked with him in his final year at CPAC purport that he played the role of CEO in everything but official title. Albaro Lord was one of the most influential and longest-serving staff members ever to work for this site; he remained with it over six years and changing administrations, and will forever be remembered as an innovator of this site.


Ninth person to run CPA Central, briefly alongside Zakster but largely as its sole CEO. Gobby worked under the administration of Zakster and Mach, showing exemplary ability in an era that is otherwise known for a struggling administration. Following the retirement of Mach, Gobby was the overwhelming pick to assume the CEO position, and overhauled the senior staff during his first few weeks in the leadership role. Gobby put a great amount of his focus on re-establishing CPAC’s reputation during its more successful years, working to bring the site back to prominence in an ever-changing warfare community. Currently the acting CEO of CPA Central.