Club Penguin Army Sanctions have existed for years. They are regulations on which armies can do.

The Sanctions

Club Penguin Era

The Club Penguin era sanctions included recruiting and saying the name of the army. Some armies were banned depending on what they do, an example would the a Nazi one. Several armies would get the name of their army censored and join censored, making them have to find loopholes.

Club Penguin Rewritten Era

Club Penguin Rewritten armies were suffered by sanctions on the 12th of December, 2017. These sanctions made it so you can not recruit. These also made it so you can not do any event on a server above 2 bars. The armies continued to do so. They found loopholes. Some armies were affected, including the Dark Knight Empire. After CPR began to die, they moved to other CPPSes which had little to no sanctions.

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