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Snowboardhelmet.png Welcome to the Club Penguin Army Wiki!
We are the official Wikipedia for the Club Penguin Armies and Club Penguin Private Server Armies communities, founded by Clintos007 in January 2009 with 1,048 articles covering armies from the first World War, to the Second Golden Age, to World War VII, and more! This Wikia serves as the historic record for both the original era and the CPPS era of the Club Penguin Armies genre.
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WV invades SWAT

The Water Vikings in November 2020 invade the SWAT army during the Eagre Foray.

The RPM raids the RPF

During an event on Deep Freeze in December 2017, the RPM would raid the RPF's event during the RPF-RPM war.

Nachos win first round of CC

In November 2015, the Nachos Army under Kevin win the first round of Christmas Chaos.

ACP Performs Infinity Form

The Army of Club Penguin under Trader and Bam do an infinity form, a month before their infamous retirements.

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A polite reminder that we have a zero-tolerance policy in place regarding vandalism. Offenders will be permanently banned.

A further reminder that the only Legends listed here are the Legends inducted by the boards of leagues and media organizations specified on our Legends list page.

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Piratebandana.png Awesome army facts
  • The founder of this Wikia was Clintos007, who retired from armies on November 29, 2009.
  • The Wikia has had eight bureaucrats throughout its ten years: Clintos007, Kirby12, Mixer2301, Jayden1092, DrFlen, Annon, Cobra, and Dino.
  • The Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, Romans, Fire Warriors, GuGu Pengu Romans, and Aqua Warriors used to be one army called the Warrior Army.
  • Many army legends were inducted years after their actual induction class (i.e. Elmikey was inducted in 2014 for 2013).
  • The highest max size in army history was 193, a size achieved by the Pirates in 2019!
  • Elmikey is the only person in army history to technically be inducted twice for major legend (2013 and 2017), although his second induction was invalidated in 2020.
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Templar Exodus

The Templar Exodus was a war fought between Templars and the New Viking Alliance in January of 2019. The war occurred after a group of Templars HICOM members left Templars and went to the NVA. The war resulted in the formation of the Winged Hussars and an escalation of tensions between Templars and EGCP.

Orangeshield.png Ongoing
Major Conflicts
- Second TCP-LGA War of 2022


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