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Welcome to the Club Penguin Army Wiki! history page. The wiki's history is documented here from the founding of the wiki in January 2009 to the present day.

Wiki History

Foundation [2009-2013]

This wiki was founded on January 7, 2009 by Clintos007. Many people in the army community helped edit and add stuff to the wikia. However, after a while the Wikia started becoming more and more inactive. The wiki became so inactive that on 2011, Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12 adopted this wiki. The wiki became much more improved, and on January in 2013, Mixer2301 was promoted to bureaucrat to help Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12. The CP Army Wiki had 2 full-time admins.  

Admins during this era

 Clintos007 [Founder] 

Ultimate Legend Star Kirby12 [Star Kirby12] 



Commander Bsyew 

Dark Age [Summer 2013]

However, Mixer2301 became inactive here as he was mainly editing the Club Penguin Wiki, and Star Kirby was concentrating on his Fanon projects at the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki. In the summer of 2013, the vandals attacked and destroyed nearly every page. They uploaded a lot of spam images and videos (often with offensive content), created pages with inappropriate content etc. Star Kirby returned. Happy65, a long time admin, promoted Penguin-Pal to an admin. However, when the trio became inactive, the vandals started coming again.

Admins during this era

Mixer2301 [Bureaucrat]

Star Kirby12 [Bureaucrat]



Re-Construction Era [2013-2017]

In September, Mixer2301 returned and tried to clear out the vandalism, but there were a lot of them, so he promoted an active user, Jayden1092 to help him out. The Wiki, however, wasn't that popular like it was back in 2009 but Jayden kept spam and false information off and blocked bad penguins. Jayden became a full-time admin and adopted the Wikia in the Fall of 2015, becoming the third bureaucrat. Jayden was the only active admin at the Wikia and his main goal became preventing the Wikia from being defaced. Nonetheless, he did upload new content and update pages from time to time.  

Admins during this era


Mixer2301 [2013]  

Rewritten Era [2017-2018]

The ending of Club Penguin in March 2017 led to a revival in armies based off of private servers such as Club Penguin Rewritten and Club Penguin Online. Since these communities are smaller, many used the Wikia as a way to advertise their army. With that came people who wanted to preserve the Wikia such as Bloodpanther73, LimboYeti and SavageCobra. All becoming admin before the fall of 2018. 

Admins during this era

 Jayden1092 [Bureaucrat] 




Renaissance Era [2019-]

Jayden suddenly became inactive at the end of 2018 and in March 2019, the Wikia was adopted by CPWorld2001 [also known as Flen], making him the fourth bureaucrat. Jayden reappeared shortly after. Flen brought the Wikia in contact with the newly formed Club Penguin Armies community, a group of armies functioning together, and the Wikia operated under their administration for the rest of 2019, becoming independent again after the community shut down.

In March 2020, Annon was promoted to bureaucrat by Flen, making him the fifth bureaucrat. He would become an active member of the armies community as Rowan Alden and manage the wiki for the rest of the year, running the Wiki's first ever Legends Inductions in early 2021.

Admins during this era

CPWorld2001/Flen [Bureaucrat]

Annon/Rowan Alden [Bureaucrat]

CaptainScratch/Dino [Bureaucrat]

SavageCobra/Cobra [2020] [Temporary Bureaucrat]


Shad [2019]

JellyandToast [2019]

Ascension Era [2020-]

In the later months of 2020, Cobra would return to the wiki administration and would temporarily be a bureaucrat as CPWorld2001 had become inactive. Dino joined the administration team around the same time and made several changes and updates to the wiki, adding many new features including custom infobox skins. Dino would also redesign the CPA Wiki logo in March 2021, the first time the wiki logo had been changed in some years. Dino would be promoted to Bureaucrat and take over active bureaucrat duties alone for a few months, before being rejoined by Rowan Alden in June 2021. LEGOMAN would be promoted to administrator in July after several months of work on the wiki.

The staff would further increase in size through staff applications, prompting the introduction of a Staff of the Month award.

Plans for the Summer of 2021 were disrupted when FANDOM announced that all wikis would be moved onto the new FandomDesktop theme by mid-August. This threatened to cause major problems for the wiki as several features added were broken during tests of the new theme. However, Dino and Rowan were able to fix all of the major problems in time for the switch-over.

Admins during this era

CPWorld2001/Flen [Bureaucrat]

Annon/Rowan Alden [Bureaucrat]

CaptainScratch/Dino [Bureaucrat]

SavageCobra [Temporary Bureaucrat- 2020]

LEGOMAN [2021-]

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