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WikiProjects is a Club Penguin Army Wiki program created by bureaucrat User:CaptainScratch with the help of guardian User:Annon- CPA . Based off of the English Wikipedia’s WikiProjects, the CP Army Wiki’s WikiProjects program looks to help expand on certain topics in CPA history in groups of volunteer staff. As apart of the WikiProjects program, editors can add their name to an already existing WikiProject listed below. Afterwards, either a wiki administrator of WikiProject Project Leader will approach you on your message board or on [[1]] on becoming a full member.

As a member of a WikiProject, you agree to be active and contribute. While being a WikiProject member doesn’t grant you access to edit locked pages, you will be allowed to be given a sandbox with the page’s already existing source. Additionally, you will be given a list of resources to do your research, and a private channel in the Discord server to coordinate with other members. Each WikiProject will have goals and agendas to work on. This isn’t just limited to pages, as WikiProjects also deal with media uploads and templates for their pages.

You can request for a WikiProject to be made by contacting a bureaucrat with the filled-out template below. Afterwards they will consider whether or not you will be granted a WikiProject. Do note that this does not guarantee a WikiProject being made. Your activity on the wiki and the relevancy/importance of the topic you’re requesting a WikiProject on is also noted.

As a policy, all WikiProject Project Leaders are selected from the admins and bureaucrats, although concessions will be made where appropriate.


The Club Penguin Army Wiki has an official Discord server! If you'd like to join it, click HERE! This invite is permanent. The Discord is used for better communication, especially if you want to join a WikiProject. Note that there are some obvious server rules which you will need to follow should you join.

WikiProject Application Form


CP Online Army League WikiProject

The Club Penguin Online Army League WikiProject, also called the CPOAL WikiProject or simply the CPO WikiProject is a WikiProject that will prioritize on expanding the articles of armies from 2018-2020 during the CPO side of the CPPS era. This will deal with the CPO Army League’s page and Club Penguin Online page, along with the pages of the Doritos of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, Dark Warriors, and more.

This WikiProject will also work on making and expanding the pages of CPO army leaders. While the wiki has historically been aligned with the CPR side of the community, it serves as an unbiased encyclopedia for all parts of the army community. The neglect over the CPO side of the wiki is just depressing. That’s why this WikiProject will aim to expand the wiki to encompass much lost history.

Participating Members of the CPO WikiProject

  • LEGOMAN/UncleHamilton [Project Leader]
  • Flav
  • Myth

Completed Pages for the CPO WikiProject

  • TBA.

Work-in-Progress Pages for the CPO WikiProject

  • Epic101
  • Pirates
  • Bucky
  • Light Troops
  • Help Force
  • Acids

Templates Produced by the CPO WikiProject

  • TBA.

CPO WikiProject Agenda

  • TBA.

Army Media WikiProject

The Army Media WikiProject will be dedicated to the preservation of all leagues, news organizations, arbitration organizations, and tournaments in the history of the community. Stemming from the obscure part of early army media, to Club Penguin Army Central, to the S/M news organizations, and more. This will also encompass media giants such as Club Penguin Army Hub and others.

This isn’t limited to just the organizations themselves, but the roles involved with them, figures, and events such as the defacement of CPAH. The goal of the army media WikiProject is to expand all bits of the army media/league community, especially as it details very important parts of our community. As of now, army media organization pages either don’t exist or are massive stubs. It’s time to fix that.

Participating Members of the Army Media WikiProject

  • Dino [Project Leader]
  • Sidie9
  • Myth
  • LartPower

Completed Pages for the Army Media WikiProject

  • TBA.

Work-in-Progress Pages for the Army Media WikiProject

  • Club Penguin Armies Media
  • Small/Medium Armies Press

Templates Produced by the Army Media WikiProject

  • TBA.

Army Media WikiProject Agenda

  • TBA.

Article Restoration WikiProject

Many pages on the Wiki are and have suffered from neglect over the years. This is especially true for pre-2017 pages in the cases of pages like Purple Republic. The Article Restoration WikiProject is massively improve the quality of neglected pages. That way they become the next shining star examples.

Participating Members of the Article Restoration WikiProject

  • Rowan Alden [Project Leader]
  • Cabin
  • Df44

Article Restoration WikiProject Agenda

This WikiProject's aim is to take a variety of pages either in need of a rewrite, in need of an update or in need of being created and takes the time to make it happen. At present, the 10 pages listed below are being worked on/will be worked on by the team member assigned to it with a plan of finishing all 10 pages by early December. This WikiProject may be extended beyond this point with new pages depending on the success of the project.

Not-started Pages for the Article Restoration WikiProject

  • RachGT [Df44]
  • Light Troops [Df44]
  • Xing/ComissarXing page sort [Df44]
  • Club Penguin Armies [Rowan]
  • Dark Bandits [Cabin]
  • Smurf [Df44]

Work-in-Progress Pages for the Article Restoration WikiProject

The Pain War [Cabin]
Research for this page is underway.

Shadow Troops [Rowan] Research for this page is underway. The current Shadow Troops page refers to two different armies: The Shadow Troops [the 2008 army] and the Shadow Troopers, an entirely different army. I will be separating the Shadow Troopers onto a new page and will make a decision on whether to cover them now or leave them for another time once I've gauged how much history there is to wade through.

Completed Pages for the Article Restoration WikiProject

  • Smart Penguins [Cabin]- An update to the page adding the CPPS generation has been completed.
  • Teutons [Rowan]- The page has been created and history added. There are some gaps due to two defaces [one at the very start of Teutons' first generation and one at the start of the third generation which wiped out almost all evidence of the short-lived second generation. However, for now the Wiki has added all the information out there.

Templates Produced by the Article Restoration WikiProject

  • TBA.

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