The Club Penguin builders army was created on June 16, 2008 by Waddles0, along with Sliperdiper2, Fireninja668, and Dan328. Zigbop (also oymbmp, maxisme, etc.) joined soon after and rose to the rank of Co-leader, taking over after Waddles0's disapperance. He continued to lead CPBA to small victories and revivals, culminating in SMAC weekly top ten rankings. At its peak it was classified as a medium army.

While never officially deemed inactive it has been off the rankings since 2014.

Main Colors: Green,Purple,and Yellow.

Current Leader: Zigbop

Current Co Leader: N/A

Current Servers: N/A



These are the basic uniforms.(Far Left)Diver Unit (Second To Left) Air Unit(Near Right) Land Unit(Far Right) Water Unit

 Here are some of the uniforms the CPBA members wear.

Non-members just wear mining helmets.


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