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Club Penguin Comm. Corps is a fanon article.

The content in this article is purely fictional. They do not mix with real canon.

The Club Penguin Comm. Corps is a Special Task Force deployed by the Elite Penguin Force. This force mostly consists of computer experts and hackers. This force was originally created to prevent wars, but they got separated from the EPF and started to hack army servers and trigger wars. They are currently in lookout by the EPF.


EPF Rule

  • Alpha
  • Penguin82332425
  • Rookie
  • Ice0000
  • Kitey2
  • Patru
  • Kevin9

Independent Rule

  • Patru
  • Other names not disclosed.


They live in a huge hidden building in the wilderness. They have advanced supercomputers and other stuff. They mostly deploy clones and spread messages which create hatred between clans and results in major war. They have no profit, but they still like to watch wars.