The Club Penguin Crew Empire, also referred to as CPCE or CPC Empire, was a succeeding army of the Club Penguin Crew around January 31st, 2018 founded by Security and Fab, after the Roman-Crew War and a rigged event of maxing only 5. The army lasted around 1-2 months, before becoming inactive and dead.


The foundation of the army goes through several steps, some of including, Thomas's retiring, Security gaining power, Tymatt retiring, and the rigged event to max 5. After which the army was formed January 31st, 2018. The army only maxed around 9-13 on average, and it later died out. Many people who refused to switch to the new Crew, left to the Romans. This would incude, Second in Command of the Romans, Zeke\Fudge, Third in Command of the Romans, and later leader, Cobra, Sports, Xing, Emolatina, and several others.


1st Leaders: Security, Arur

2nd Leaders: Conor

3rd Leaders: Security, Zeke

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